The SuperBot Sophia Hanson Robots and Tyler

  • The SuperBot Sophia Hanson Robots and Tyler

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    published: Friday, November 15, 2019 @ 9:13:14 AM

    Don’t Read Me

    A.L.I.C.E and AIML Documentation
    January 14, 2000

    “One ambitious goal for AIML is that, if a number of people create their own robots, each with a unique area of expertise, program B can literally merge-sort them together into a Superbot, automatically omitting duplicate categories. We offer the both the source code and the ALICE content, in order to encourage others will “open source” their chat robots as well, to contribute to the Superbot. Ken Goldberg, Christian Drossmann and others have already contributed significant content to the ALICE chat robot.”

    The idea of a superbot is not new. This idea also contributes to a bot which could achieve AGI or Artificial General Intelligence and learn in the same fashion as a human would through trial, error, and experience.

    At the time in January of 2000 this was the initial public release of the ALICE robot which subsequently would also be the center of the chatbot architecture at Hanson Robotics that would feed into the OpenCog/Superbot system.

    Ben Goertzel
    In July 23 of 2000 just a few months after Program B was released there was a posting made by Ben Goertzel on the website discussing the development of an Internet Mind of intelligent agents.

    Where he states:

    • Web Robots not Physical Robots are the Key to AI

    Ben also talks about his explaining the definition of the “Mind Network” or as we’d later call it today #HiveMind.

    • In my view, the task he describes can be accomplished using existing ideas from systems theory, complexity science, and out-of-the mainstream AI. And to implement such a system will require a core “mind network” of hundreds of PC’s, not millions — though this core mind network may enhance its intelligence by dispatching hundreds of small learning problems to millions of distributed PC’s operating in a peer-to peer network.


    For those that don’t yet know… Opencog is an ambitious Artificial Intelligence project that was funded by Jeffrey Epstein and headed by Ben Goertzel. Most of the development however is done by Linas Vepstas.

    Here you can see in this file that they have written an import module to bring AIML files, same ones used in Program B, into the OpenCog architecture to be uses in the sense of a cognitive SuperBot.

    Changing Images of Man:

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