The links to Sophia Jeffrey Epstein and the OTO

  • The links to Sophia Jeffrey Epstein and the OTO

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    published: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 @ 6:41:27 PM

    Seth Lloyd

    Comment from Seth Lloyd (Professor of Quantum Mechanical Engineering, MIT)
    JB immediately tossed me in a corner of the restaurant with Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who grilled me on the potential applications of quantum computation. They were shockingly knowledgeable on the subject and quickly pushed me like a novice sumo wrestler to edge of the ring that marks the boundary between the known and the unknown. That boundary is always closer than one thinks.

    At this point Jeffrey Epstein joined the conversation and demanded to know whether weird quantum effects had played a significant role in the origins of life. That question pushed me way out of the sumo ring into the deep unknown. We tried to construct a version of the question that could be answered. I was pushing my own personal theory of everything (the universe is a giant quantum computer, and to understand how things like life came into existence, we have to understand how atoms, molecules, and photons process information). Jeffrey was pushing back with his own theory (we need to understand what problem was being solved at the moment life came into being). By pushing from both sides, we managed to assemble a metaphor in which molecules divert the flow of free energy to their own recreational purposes (i.e., literally recreating themselves) somewhat in the way Jeffrey manages to divert the flow of money as it moves from time-zone to time-zone, using that money for his own recreational purposes (i.e., to create more money). I’m not saying it was the right way to describe the origins of life: I’m just saying that it was fun.

    Ben Goertzel

    Ben Goertzel comment on from July 23, 2000
    The “Internet as AI brain” is a fairly simple point, but Moravec chooses not to emphasize it. He points out, correctly, that simulating the detailed functioning of the human brain on contemporary computer hardware is very difficult, requiring a scale of processing power equal to millions of PC’s. But he doesn’t note that, through distributed processing across the Internet, it’s possible to actually harness the power of millions of PC’s, right now. and SETI@home started using the latent computing power of the Net, various start-up firms are now following in their footsteps — and this is only the beginning.

    The “mind as network” metaphor is a powerful one. Mind is a massively parallel self-organizing system of interacting, intertransforming actors, many of them specialized to particular domains or particular processes. It demands a complex-systems-theoretic analysis. If a sufficiently deep and careful analysis of mental processes is carried out, in this vein, one discovers that the division between reasoning-based AI and neural-net based AI is largely bogus; reasoning emerges in a clear and detailed way as a statistical emergent from neural net dynamics. The network approach cuts through the apparently unresolvable knots set up by traditional AI theorists.

    From these links we can see that Seth Lloyd, Sergei Brin, Larry Page and Ben Goertzel are in the position to have a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein back to 2000-04 which involved conversations relating to Intelligent Web Agents and Quantum Computing/Mechanics at the highest level.

    He was after all was said and done hanging out with the top minds in Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. What was it all for?

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