What is #CURRENCY to an #ARTIST?

  • Today I was wondering around in thought thinking about “What is currency to an artist?” as it is different than currency in your pocket.

    An artist makes their own currency which they exchange for other forms of currency with buyers/patrons of the art. But what makes that currency valuable isn’t the quality of the art itself it is in the size of the sharing network around the art.

    For example:
    Artist A has a sharing network of 100,000 people.
    Artist B has a sharing network of 100 people.

    Artist B is substantially a more technical artist who has difficulty in social situations.
    Artist A is a fly by night personality who makes prints but people adore.

    Artist A is going to have a more lucrative career as an artist over Artist B because the world supports personalities over talent.

    It is very simple in that way in the more people who know about your work. The more people there are to exchange various forms of currency for that work. The more likely you are to reach a success point where the Artist A or B has the resources to create from the imagination.

    So when it comes to art it is the artist with the largest social sharing network who will win in the end. The artists with personality difficulties will generally find it more difficult to create a large social sharing network.

    I’m one of the artists with personality difficulties, and everyday I struggle with creating the social sharing network that is required for an artist to be successful.

    Then you can see artists link Banksy or Mr. Brainwash who have the personality to gain a large social sharing network which has ensured the success of their art and provided the resources necessary to create it.