The Mormon Connections Ron Rewald, Craig Smith, William Atkin, Howard Hughes

  • The Mormon Connection

    So a few days ago I was having a really difficult time with things. My communication with the outside world was failing. People around me were refusing to follow instructions to the point of looking like 3 year olds, and I found a Mormon connection between Ron Rewald and the Mormon Church.

    If you research the Atkin family in the Mormon religion they are pretty high up there on many levels. Here are some references.

    History of William Atkin

    Below are some links collected from various resources about William Atkin. As my alleged birth father is a descendant of William Atkin I thought it would be valid in establishing family history in the research of my abduction as a baby and then hidden in a Mormon home out of sight from public view.

    Based on the research below I believe you will see that the Atkin family has a long history of harboring secrets away from authorities in order to protect their own.

    William Atkin Home

    William Atkin Home - Heritage Park
    William Atkin built this home after he was assigned to go south to strengthen the Southern Utah settlements. The house was located eight miles south of St. George on a 160-acre farm that later became the one-family town of Atkinville.

    William Atkin Autobiography

    William Atkin Autobiography - BYU
    On the 18th of December I was married to Rachel Thompson who was born March 31, 1835, at Barrowden, Rutland, England. She joined the Church of Jesus Christ in April 1849 and we made all preparations to go to America with the view of gathering with the saints



    • 1855: William & Rachel emigrated from Liverpool to Philadelphia on board the Siddons.
    • Crossed the plains with the Eighth Handcart Company led by George Rowley.
    • Worked as a Butcher, Stonemason, Policeman, Bodyguard to Brigham Young
    • Settled in St. George, UT
    • Member of the “United Order”
    • Worked as a stonemason on the St. George Tabernacle and the St. George Temple.

    A Friendship Forged in Exile: Wilford Woodruff and the William Atkin Family

    A Friendship Forged in Exile: Wilford Woodruff and the William Atkin Family

    The Atkin household and their one-family village are more often remembered today for the sanctuary they provided for Elder Wilford Woodruff of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles during the late 1880s than for the memorable parties they hosted. Like a diamond fashioned under pressure, the Woodruff and Atkin relationship was created under the weight of government harassment.

    The United Order (United Order of Enoch)

    William Atkin was a member of The United Order.

    The United Order was an attempt at a utopia – basically divinely-appointed communism before communism as the world now knows it even existed. This notion of communal living, in which all things in a community are held in common with all provided for and “no rich or poor among them” was advocated by Brigham Young, the second president of the church.

    Wikipedia - In the Latter Day Saint movement, the United Order (also called the United Order of Enoch) was one of several 19th-century church collectivist programs. Early versions of the Order beginning in 1831 attempted to fully implement the law of consecration, a form of Christian communalism, modeled after the New Testament church which had “all things in common”.

    It was not until 1874 that Young initiated the United Order of Enoch, beginning in St. George, Utah, on February 9, 1874. There were a number of differences between the United Order of Enoch and United Order communities established years earlier by Joseph Smith. Under Young’s leadership, producers would generally deed their property to the Order, and all members of the Order would share the cooperative’s net income, often divided into shares based on the amount of property originally contributed.

    Many United Order communities were set up amongst Mormon towns beginning in 1874. One in particular was the United Order of Kanab, which was a communal experiment initiated by Brigham Young. Kanab was established in 1870. That year, John R. Young and the local bishop, Levi Stewart, began colonization of this area and twelve families followed to begin this endeavor.

    The Wikipedia entry specifically calls out Kanab, UT. This is the location where Hal’s (alleged father) mother is from.

    So the reason for this research is the other day while refreshing my Ron Rewald research I came across some information in that book.

    pg. 175 - Explosive Secrets of Covert CIA Companies
    Ron Rewald - Richard Craig Smith

    From here you find a name and this name is Richard Craig Smith

    Richard Craig Smith

    Who is Richard Craig Smith? Well that is a long story, but he is connected to Ron Rewald through the #BBRDW sandal and went to court for espionage. Here is a link to a file on the website which confirms the connections established in the book referenced above.

    The Spy Who Was Left Out In The Cold
    The links above is a direct link to a file on website, so if you don’t want to be tracked then don’t go looking. It’s the CIA and they track everything all the time.

    The article outlines the relationship between Ron Rewald and how Richard Craig Smith got popped for selling secrets to the Russians which he said was part of a CIA operation he was part of that was working through the #BBRDW handle which also links us back to Tom Willhite owner of PSI Seminars.

    Which at a young age of 15 my alleged father Hal Atkin started sending his children through the seminars after he himself attended. Is this a confirmed connection to the network? I think so.

    Here is more articles on Richard Craig Smith:

    In the LA Times Article there is something of note which relates to the 93 Society.

    The jury of nine women and three men acquitted Smith on five counts–one of conspiracy, two of espionage and two of passing classified information to the Soviet Union.

    Richard Craig Smith was acquitted by a Jury of 9 Women and 3 Men. (93)

    Both sides acknowledged that Smith had met several times with a top KGB official, Victor Okunev, in late 1982 and early 1983, and was paid a total of $11,000.


    So for me in this blog what I am trying to establish is would Ron Rewald of BBRDW keep a team of MORMON Agents on the books to do things for him? Most notably would Ron Rewald and Tom Willhite in their operations take a child from the Far East and then put them in a home with a Mormon family without a Birth Certificate but forge a Certificate of Live Birth?

    To me this looks very highly possible.


    Well because when I was a teenager and still used my birth name Korey Atkin at the age of 15 instead of taking me to a hospital/doctor for a broken back and a head injury they were forcing me to go through these seminars called PSI. A company started by Tom and Jane Willhite. The very same Tom Willhite who was partners with Ron Rewald in the #BBRDW scandal.

    Before we close this out I want to finish with what I do know… I know Hal is the type of guy who would keep a lie going for someone’s entire life. He lied to his own daughter about going to Disneyland for 18 years and only admitted the truth after his ex-wife blabbed first. So I do know that.

    Me I’m just trying to get to the bottom of the story because this all started with my son telling me he was having secret meetings with Hal where he was told by Hal himself that I wasn’t his real son. It’s a long and confusing story for me, but you know it’s gotta come out.

    When the truth really comes out man it could shake the roots of the Mormon religion to have a bunch of their good clean-cut boys all involved in a rogue CIA group dating back to the 70s.

    How many other MORMONS did they have on their payroll? There might be more than you think… after all Howard Hughes hired MORMONS as his security team.

    Wikipedia - Hughes’ considerable business holdings were overseen by a small panel unofficially dubbed “The Mormon Mafia” because of the many Latter-day Saints on the committee, led by Frank William Gay. In addition to supervising day-to-day business operations and Hughes’ health, they also went to great pains to satisfy Hughes’ every whim.

    Dummar later claimed that days after Hughes’ death a “mysterious man” appeared at his gas station, leaving an envelope containing the will on his desk. Unsure if the will was genuine and unsure of what to do, Dummar left the will at the LDS Church office. In 1978, a Nevada court ruled the Mormon Will a forgery, and officially declared that Hughes had died intestate (without a valid will).

    Frank William Gay

    Wikipedia - Frank William “Bill” Gay (September 11, 1920 – May 21, 2007) was an American executive who oversaw several entities for Howard Hughes. He was chairman of the board of directors of the Hughes Air Corporation. He served as a senior vice president and member of the board of directors for the Hughes Tool Company. He was also president and chief executive officer of Summa Corporation. This was despite the fact that Howard Hughes repeatedly asked that Gay be fired as he considered him untrustworthy.

    That’s it for me on the MORMON research today.