The #Tyler MindMap to The Covenant

  • The #Tyler #MindMap

    So yesterday I put together a mind map of the most obvious parts of the research because it was obvious the people around me just weren’t getting it. Let’s just say the people around me aren’t very savvy when it comes to understanding and sharing information.

    Then you add onto that my personal situation and everything just goes bad for everyone really quick when I try to talk directly to people about it. Most days it’s like I’m saying BLUE and getting in response BROWN.

    It’s been like this for about the last 2 years during research. It’s at a point where I personally think I’m surrounded entirely by Agents, Bots, or individuals who just got out of a psychiatric hospital and/or rehab clinic. That’s my personal observation anyway.

    Anyway back to the reason we are here because I have exhausted pretty much all my options when talking to the general public, and am looking for new pathways. As I am pretty much trapped in a HoneyPot, and not even on the real Internet anyway.

    What is a HoneyPot

    Wikipedia - In computer terminology, a honeypot is a computer security mechanism set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems.

    High-interaction honeypots imitate the activities of the production systems that host a variety of services and, therefore, an attacker may be allowed a lot of services to waste their time.

    So i have pretty much deduced that since learning about #TheGame23 in 2017 I have been inside a #HoneyPot🍯 that isolates me from the rest of the world, and the only individuals around me are AI, Agents, Bots, or NonTechnical people with zero understanding of a HoneyPot🍯.


    To say the last 4 years of my life since learning about The Covenant from my son hasn’t been easy. Prior to the story my son told me about his mother’s involvement with this group conspiracies to me were things on the Internet that kids got lost in who didn’t know how to find real information. Basically it wasn’t my cup of tea.

    However that changed when my son told me about The Covenant. At first I thought his mother was just sending him over to my house with stories to tell me to drive me crazy, but as time went on his story became more and more and more validated. It got to the point of asking him to draw a copy of the contract he stated was hanging on his mom’s wall for years.

    The Contract of the Covenant

    Full Size: Download

    When the drawing above was first drawn in 2015 it caused me to have lots of problems in my life. But it is what it is, and too much time has gone by now that it just seems like a fading memory at times.

    As me personally at the time because of my lack of knowledge in who this group really was I made many mistakes in my actions over the years. As they tend to make you believe it’s a small isolated group, but then when you break it down into it’s parts you see how absolutely large it is.

    The Mindmap

    The outcome of researching the story I was told, and being called crazy by just about everyone you could imagine is this #MindMap image below. It is a connection map of some of the more visible individuals who line up with the account I was told about technology, secret deals, ability to shift the Internet.

    The Tyler Mindmap

    Full Size: Download

    The Video


    That’s it for this entry. i really don’t know what else to say right now. Only that for the time being I think I’ll just be doing my own thing. You can only ask strangers for help in solving your own kidnapping by sharing information so many times. As the reason I ask complete strangers is because they own the TV, Movies, and just about everything but you. Well maybe they own you too. Based on my observations most people are owned by this group in one way or another. Just look at the Mindmap these people are connected to every company, every government agency, every politician in one way or another.

    It’s a deep map… who knows where the future leads right. Sometimes it takes us to places we really don’t want to go, and me… I never wanted to be involved with these people in the first place. A large group of people who would sign their lives over for that contract can’t be GOOD… right?