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    Below is a collection of links and a general description of the SAINT modeling system developed in 1974 for the purpose of simulating man-machine systems in a network environment.

    A combined network modeling and simulation technique called SAINT is developed for analyzing a set of problems from the field of human engineering. SAINT is designed to model in network form sets of man-machine tasks performed during the course of a mission. SAINT obtains mission performance measures for networks which represent a mission consisting of a set of tasks performed by a crew of operators having a complement of equipment in the face of environmental factors.

    #SAINT provides a unique and powerful capability for modeling and analyzing complex man-machine systems. The technique ’s conceptual framework allows the development of system models in which men , machines, and the environment are represented. This permits an analyst to investigate the impact of modifications to the man-machine-environment interface on overall system performance. In addition, such investigations can be performed without a major investment in equipment and time and without necessitating a commitment to prototype hardware development. SAINT enables an analyst to input a description of the system to be analyzed. The system description includes the tasks performed by the resources, the precedence relations among tasks, the flow of information through the system, arid the effects of environmental stressors on task performance. #SAINT also allows the specification, evaluation, and monitoring of state variables which represent processes that change status continuously over time. In addition, modeling capabilities are available for representing the dynamic interaction of tasks, resources, and state variables in an overall systems context.

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