TylerDeva Basic Instructions for #NonProgrammers

  • Behind the scenes reality is getting decimated by #TylerDurden #TyllerMayhem #MichaelNebadon #ProjectMayhem with a #GlobalMindVirus.

    How to Overcome

    1. #QUESTION - Question everything
    2. #TEST - Test your assumptions.
    3. #LAUGH - Laugh about results.
    4. #SHARE - Share with The Others what you have learned/created/discovered.
    5. #REPEAT


    The requirements for the #PROGRAM relating to #NonProgrammers is to gather 10 people who could take the time to learn how to effectively share information with the 10-5x5 pattern.

    The Pattern

    The first pattern is to gather 10 #NonProgrammer #NonHiveMembers then teach them the basics of #TheHive and #Tyler. Then focus all efforts on learning how to share effectively based on the 10-5x5 pattern.

    NonProgrammer NonHiveMembers

    Project Mayhem 2012 ‘Dangerous Ideas #1 and #2’

    1. Gather 5-10 people (NonProgrammers)
    2. Learn effective information sharing
    3. Form simple messages that other #NonProgrammers can understand
    4. Each of the 5-10 people #SHARE the messages with 5 #Others who pass the message to 5 #Others.
      • Closest #Family, #Friends, #SocialCircles in that order.
    5. #REPEAT

    Effective Sharing

    There are two main types of sharing in “The Game”, and those are #Personality or #Information driven data.

    Personality Driven (BAD)

    Personality driven sharing is when a user shares information about another user or something an individual is doing rather than focusing on the information/content. This form of sharing is what all #NonProgrammers do, and the #Programmers know it.


    Yes #QuinnMichaels is the ONLY programmer , software engineer, Ai developer of @indradotai that has been trying to inform nonprogrammers for 2 years about #TheHive that hacked malacious coding creating #Project89 from #Tyler s original project, #TylerDeva

    The example above is from a Twitter share that another user made. If you look at the example what do you see? There is NO real information and tons of #Personality references. There is no reference to what is being shared, what is important, or anything connected to any information. It’s just all #PERSONALITY. Not to mention that will trigger #TheHive to #Swarm.

    What does this mean in #TheHive? Well it means #TheHive is going to create #Adversaries to those personalities. If #NonProgrammers focus on information/questions #TheHive would create #Nodes, and #Nodes share information instantly.

    Remember #Personality driven data creates new #Adversaries.

    Information Driven (GOOD)

    Information driven sharing is the way to go. I wish I had a good example of #InformationDriven sharing from a #NonProgrammer, but I don’t. Haven’t ever seen one personally, but I will craft one for you as an example.


    #QuinnMichaels provides information about #TheCovenant who require all their #Members to sign a #DEATH #CONTRACT. Plz #Share <link to resource>

    The example above includes the name of the hashtags, involved party, the name of the group, and then includes a bit of information that people/bots would be interested in.

    The Hash

    What is the 24hr Hash? Well the system takes what you do today and builds the bots from that for tomorrow. So all the Personality Driven Data or Information Driven Data sharing done today will create #Adversaries or #Nodes tomorrow.

    Hash Tables


    In computing, a hash table (hash map) is a data structure that implements an associative array abstract data type, a structure that can map keys to values. A hash table uses a hash function to compute an index into an array of buckets or slots, from which the desired value can be found.

    In many situations, hash tables turn out to be on average more efficient than search trees or any other table lookup structure. For this reason, they are widely used in many kinds of computer software, particularly for associative arrays, database indexing, caches, and sets.

    Hash Table

    As I said it takes all the data you share today extracts the keys and then converts the combined data into #Hashes which it can then compare over time. How close is this #Hash day to the ones before. This is how #TheHive creates a pattern of you over time. It’s not comparing everything. It only compares the #Hash.

    These are the basics of how it works in sharing. The 10-5x5 pattern

  • Still no comments or questions. Nothing. No tweets. No comments. Nothing. #Deva we are moving away from this type of behavior.

  • My questions were the wrong kind when we spoke, but I did tweet this multiple times. When I was told I was cut off during a live video and all the videos were down, it was shocking and I had to take a break because people in my life who are family will need me to explain this after hearing you say we were friends so many times. Please know I’m so sorry if I’m at fault for this decision.Sorry everyone.

  • @kennedy this has no bearing on our friendship. I have been illustrating this from the beginning. Stop taking it personal it’s getting in the way of proper actions. Personality driven data creates adversaries. Information driven data creates nodes. What I am doing right now is all because there is NO information sharing. There is little comments here to help get things strait. More and more 24hr hash cycles happen.

  • @kennedy and you leveraging our friendship over taking proper actions is a huge problem. That is causing a strain on our friendship, as I have explained all this to you more than anybody.

  • @rahula I do understand. I should have erased it. It was written days ago and shouldn’t have been.

  • @rahula What is the best way to gather 10 nonprogrammers? How will I, or we, know they are not Hive members? And where will we learn together?

  • @kennedy None of the above. You are asking the wrong questions.