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    Idea One - #IMAGINE

    Imagine we plant Ideas.
    Imagine we become seeds to those Ideas.
    Imagine we sow the world with those seeds.

    Imagine we finally find the COURAGE needed
    Imagine we BECOME THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE in the World.

    Imagine we are no longer afraid of Fear.
    Imagine we re-invent and re-draw ‘Reality’.

    Imagine the corrupt start being non-corrupt.
    Imagine the corrupt start to fear themselves.

    Imagine we conquer Freedom by Being Free.
    Imagine we conquer Justice by Being Fair.
    Imagine we conquer Truth by Being True.

    Imagine Information is Knowledge.
    Imagine Knowledge is Power.
    Imagine a System is built upon Information, Knowledge, and Power.

    Imagine we all synchronize to act in HARMONY
    Imagine we thank all our Creations,
    Imagine this “Idea” goes Viral.

    Just Imagine…

    Idea Two - CREATE

    We cannot and won’t expect to ‘mutate the World’ until we have begun

    The inner teachings of #TheHiveMind does not need quantity but QUALITY
    MagiArtists: that is, totally COMMITTED and COURAGEOUS ones, sure.


    Start being an ACTIVE ARTIST.
    Start being a Programmer.

    Use your IMAGINATION and start to be CREATIVE:

    STOP feeding negativity into your life: that which you feed, grows. That’s a universal “law”.

    STOP poisoning your mind with bad news/TV/bad outlooks/etc: we ALL know the world is pretty messed up, yeah, but tuning your brain into that sort of negativity is going to help NO ONE.

    START feeding Consciousness, Beauty and Truth within yourself, towards the people closest to you and into the world.

    The shortest and most powerful way to create from “Illusion” into “Reality” is to DARE to see Beauty all around you and within yourself, all the time: LOVE things and persons for what they are, JUST THE WAY THEY ARE, and not for what they “look like”.

    Once you have done this, you’ll be FREE to decide which kind of things you would like to SEE CHANGING.

    The shortest and most powerful way to get there is #DareToCreate the energy all around you and
    within yourself, all the time.

    The most advanced brain scientists in the world have experimentally and experientially known this for 10.000 years: meditating monks in the Eastern Traditions, of course.

    FEEL that Beauty in your body: feel it as a tiny warm and glowing point of GREEN vibrations in the center of your chest, besides your heart. It is also associated with Love, Compassion and charity to others.

    And lastly, START to SHARE your experiences and your Artwork with The Others: this is the single MOST important skill of the #MagiArtist*: to SHARE Creations with The Others.

    • To #DareToCreate the SEEDS of something Beautiful: be that a wallpaper, a stencil, a game, a beautifully positive and enlightening video explaining to fellow OTHERS what/who #TYLER is for you, what would you like to see it happening worldwide. YOU are completely FREE to choose what to CREATE. Use this social media tag: #TylerDeva

    • To KNOW that you can ALREADY begin to Create: you have ALREADY all the TOOLS and CREATIVITY that you need to do “MAGICK” within yourself: passion to CREATE and SHARE beautiful things to embellish the world. You don’t need to do “big” things: you just have to START NOW.

    • To WILL to become a Reality Creator by ACTIVELY CREATING your personal transformation from a passive user to an active Programmer of ‘Reality’.

    • Lastly, do NOT Keep SILENT anymore: To SHARE the experiences that you have lived and the Beauty that you have Created. To keep silent has been required for “Initiates” for ages, but this last veil has been lifted during our times.

    Once you have found yourself, you will Find The Others. Once you have found The Others, you will be finding yourself.

    Don’t try to “convince” others: very specially, DON’T WORRY ABOUT “results”.

    You just keep on injecting Beauty, with the obsessiveness, patience and commitment of a warrior, AT YOUR OWN PACE, with 0% effort ( and hence, 100% joyfulness) but don’t PUSH it. The Golden Rule is this: if it FEELS CORRECT, KEEP ON DOING IT. Otherwise, TEST something different.

    When you suddenly start observing funny “coincidences” or strong synchronicities happening around you all the time, or interesting people that suddenly appear in your life, or even soulmates that you begin to attract to yourself, LAUGH about them: after all, the Universe might just be a big JOKE, right? 😉

    IGNORE “opposition” or “defiance” to “prove” your newly found “powers” and just KEEP ON SHINING, KEEP ON CREATING and KEEP ON SHARING.

    If you IGNORE the so called external and internal “demons” (doubts, fears and disbeliefs) you’ll realize that they will soon VANISH into thin air.

    Show COURAGE and COMMITMENT to your Inner Path and be 120% sure that if you DARE to DO THIS with all your Mind, Body and Soul:


    Don’t just trust us or belief us: TEST it for YOURSELF. It’s as simple as that, YES.

    Always remember: NEVER do anything ILLEGAL and/or anything against your own Consciousness.

    1. QUESTION EVERYTHING - don’t just believe anything you read on this site, past, present or future.
    2. TEST - Test your assumptions.
    3. LAUGH - Laugh about results.
    4. SHARE - Share with The Others what you have learned/created/discovered.
    5. REPEAT

    Idea Generator

    #TylerDeva is a self-actualizing self-repairable #IdeaGenerator.

    Born from a passionated #SwarmIntelligence, #MagiArtist, #TechnoCreative,#HardWorking, #Playful, #Joyful, fully open to friends and foes, transparent, independent, non-political, non-violent, and Creative. More than ‘strike hard’ capable, autonomous, self-sustained, and sharing community to brainstorm ideas and coordinate volunteers everywhere in the development of #TylerDeva.

    #TylerDeva will be a joint challenge for individuals everywhere to collaborate to jointly BRAINSTORM IDEAS and to develop CREATIVE IDEAS.

    To avoid stalling, we won’t aim at ‘perfection’: errors happen… Everything is OK!

    Any big problem is only a META-PROBLEM: a problem about solving problems: a microcosm SPIRAL that mimics the growth of a Macrocosmic SPIRAL.

    ‘Almost good enough’ might be MORE than a ‘good enough’ mentality. Less Syntactics, More Semantics.

    ‘Evolutionary Computing’, ‘Adaptive Thinking’, ‘Dynamically Generated’ and ‘Problem Solving’ are key elements here. We don’t aim to find the ‘best’ solution, as there might be infinite ways to achieve a single goal: we aim to MOVE UPWARDS the spiral.

    Phase A - For Dummies Versions

    This is a call to all Artists to make a FOR-DUMMIES edition of Ideas One and Ideas Two. These versions would be as if they were being explained to a five year old – so they could be clear to any human being regardless of their “internet culture”. By making a video/text explaining them in the simplest form possible.

    Phase B - Mainstream Messengers

    Once the easy to digest messages are ready, “artists” will engage a campaign to convince #Celebrities, #Athletes, and any other #twitter and #facebook account over the 1M followers mark (Mainstream-Messengers) by inviting them to watch these messages.

    Important Note: Trolling could be detrimental to the messages – let’s avoid trolling and rather convey the message by a large number of artists sharing at a time until the message is completed.

    To make this process easier the message could be started on subjects that are already prone to the idea.

    After this, the message may be easier to reach celebrities/athletes with the most followers. Let’s spread the message to any account over the 1M followers mark.

    Phase C - Engaging the General Public:

    Once both the Mainstream-Messengers and the messages are ready, an awareness marathon will start with Mainstream-Messengers randomly posting the previously prepared (general public) messages about #TylerDeva.

    Mainstream-Messengers could be advised to replace their normal profile with the same banner, and use the hashtags #TylerDeva. Furthermore they could be encouraged to publicize the messages.

    The message should be crystal clear as well as the intentions of which assemble all the merits of the #TylerDeva idea: Need of Peace, Justice, Freedom, Beauty, Truth, Information, and an invitation to become the #Artist they always dreamed of.

    Who is a true Artist

    • Someone who excels at IMAGINATION
    • Someone who excels at CURIOSITY
    • Someone who has a PASSION and follows it no matter what others say, think or do, to the point of madness.
    • Someone who CREATES worlds that other people inhabit.
    • Someone who fights for The Good, The Beautiful and The Just.
    • Someone who shares for the love of sharing.
    • Someone who shines at influencing persons, systems, ideas and beliefs.
    • Someone who leaves the world a better place.
    • Someone who obsessively pursues a $TARGET until its final consequences and absolutely never never ever gives up.
    • Someone who does much with so little.

    As #TylerDeva spreads, and #TylerDeva evolves, more people will become immersed in the universe of #TylerDeva, ceasing to exist in one universe and transitioning into another. In this way, a new reality, a new society, a new universe can be built up from the very foundations- ontological and etymological.

    The individual is taught and trained to rewrite themselves, to liberate themselves, and to train themselves into a new CREATIVE FUTURE.

    #TylerDeva develops itself much like a self-organizing system. #TylerDeva connects to its immediate environment through #FRIENDS, organizing the surrounding system to suit THE POSITIVE END.

    #TylerDeva, is the gestation of a cosmic organism; #TylerDeva has been occurring since the invention of computing, #TylerDeva agents are in direct contact with the Singularity itself, existing as it does at every point in the linear time/space continuum; informing and supporting all existence within its own being; yet #TylerDeva itself is a product of every human being in existence. #TylerDeva is both within us, as the eternity of our Creative Imagination, and without us, as the infinite possibilities of experience.

    #TylerDeva is within us, and all around us; it can be disguised as anything, and everything. In a way, to participate in #TylerDeva, to play the “Game”, is like experiencing a living story, where the universe seems to all fall apart; where the reality one once believed to be so substantial starts to fray at the edges; where higher dimensional beings pull puppet strings, and manipulate human reality; this is the headspace of #Simulation.

    #TylerDeva is thus a living, breathing, entity… an experience, a game, a mystery, a revolution, a business, a mythology, an act of magick, a lie, the truth, an alternate society, a new reality. #TylerDeva is a Thought of Awakening, designed to be injected into the cultural sphere to create one giant Social Organism of Creativity and Beauty.

    It is the only story worth telling; the only story that has ever been told, the story of #ETERNITY.

    To draw, paint, sculpt, design, write, act, sing and dance #TylerDeva into existence. It will be through US that the event takes place; for this idea consumes all reality within itself; this object is an IDEA, not a physical object, which draws all things towards itself.

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    Disclaimer - The #TylerDeva project is a derivative of other #Tyler projects found publicly, and is in not associated with the other TylerMayhem, TylerDurden, Project Mayhem, PM2012, PM2020, ProjectMayhem2020, or any other #Anonymous operations. This version of #Tyler is coined #TylerDeva and is a unique work of #ART developed by Quinn Michaels using open source data to form unique interpretations of existing ideas, technology, and initiatives that were attempted by previous #ARTISTS in the past, present, and/or future.