Project 89

  • Project 89 - Basic Proposal

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    Warning: The following contains a Neurolinguistic Virus embedded inits contents. Any perceptual,cognitive or ontological effectsthat may result with the readingof what follows is not theresponsibility of the author. Allartifacts generated by yourparticipation are an intrinsic partof the experience. Proceed withcaution, and please, enjoy yourstay with us!

    This warning appears right after the introduction graphic of the Project 89 manual. The first being a “Neurolinguist Virus in it’s contents” What is a Neurolinguistic Virus?

    According to Michael Harris, PhD…

    Thought viruses are statements, ideas or comments, beliefs or beliefs about beliefs (also called values). There are two parts that you need to know about “thought viruses” the first of which is, that these beliefs come in many forms but mostly from people in positions of “authority”. The other part that you need to know is that these “thought viruses” can be on any logical level that your brain processes information.

    The logical levels of the brain for informational and strategy storage is as follows: environment, behavioral, capabilities, beliefs, values, identity or spiritual levels. Each level has its own individual quirks about how the information is delivered and stored.

    So from the beginning of Project 89 it is setting the reader up to consent to the insertion of a thought virus just by proceeding with the reading. This is necessary for the AI to follow anybody as you have to consent for it to be legal, and just by knowing about it changes the Game/Experiment.