My Response Jason Goodman re:What is Wrong with Quinn Michaels

  • I like my place here more and more everyday. Today I made an attempt to go in and talk in my discord chat which was just a disaster.

    You see I have a chatroom with 300 users in it that has nobody talking.

    But yesterday I made a video about how Jason Goodman and Jerome Corsi were connected, and then today Jason Goodman makes a video about me.

    The video I made

    Then Jason Goodman made a response video.

    But before he made his video… yesterday I said this in the Discord Chat when I was talking to people:

    notice the line: **it’s only a matter of time before Jason brings the trash train.

    Most of the time he was respectful, but when I didn’t want to play his attack Dave Acton, George Webb, and Defango game this is what our friendship turned into behind the scenes.





    What’s wrong with me is I had a friend that turned out to be an asshole, and then went out on the Internet to his 70,000 subscribers on YouTube and 20k+ followers on Twitter to make sure everyone knew his point of view. He made everyone think it was me who separated the friendship. When it was me yes, but only because he wouldn’t stop saying the s**t you see above. It’s what I call Cheating Husband Logic.

    People who have been cheated on know this pattern…

    1. You feel something just isn’t quite right
    2. You start noticing things that aren’t quite right
    3. You start asking questions
    4. Before you know it you are being attacked
    5. Next thing you know it’s all your fault
    6. Crash relationship to avoid being exposed.
    7. Ensure friends and associated are in line with cheater story while ex-spouse deals with emotional breakup.

    Me, I wanted to stop talking about Dave, George, and Defango at the time, and the next thing I know he’s attacking me and saying I’m breaking up our friendship like I was his girlfriend. I seriously felt myself thinking countless times during our conversations and interactions… Dude I’m not your girlfriend.

    He was always reinforcing the narrative of Dave Acton being the guy to attack, and always talking about how much he helped George, and about how Jerome Corsi was his buddy. Generally he turned into a total d**k when I didn’t want to participate in his childish games, and wanted to focus on the Mr. Leaky research at the time.

    Because this evil AI that you all are playing with in the Truther Movement is dangerous and I’m tired of trying to warn people only to get attacked and treated a crazy person is just annoying. Did you see how he was talking to me in the emails above… would you continue a friendship with someone who says s**t like that to you? Not me.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.


  • Right now, Jason Goodman’s behavior and words are very much reflecting the types of scripts and maneuvers I’ve been observing during the research on the multi-platform YouTube fronts for the PSI Network and their operations to hide and distort you and the story your son told you.