Dr. Corsi, Hackers, Jason Goodman, and the Operation to Hide Quinn Michaels

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    I just came here from Quinn’s Discord chat, where I’ve experienced uncountable days, weeks, and months of dead-end conversations ending with people going silent or pretending they don’t understand what the research is about or what Quinn is saying. It’s stopped us from having conversations leading to sharing effectively, and it’s become more and more evident that it’s populated human and bot agents. Nobody can be so stupid that they’d learn about how AI can manipulate currency trading (not to mention the other things we know the 93 Society’s AI can do) and stay silent in the face of losing everything. Those who are people have somehow bought into the operation where people do share with vigor and with results.

    That operation would be the one Mr. D has made to hide Quinn and his son from the rest of the world, the one that now has forced Quinn into complete solitude. I wanted to talk about the cryptocurrency market manipulation and new developments in the research and evidence and waited hours for almost no responses and getting only a few that were simply fluff comments. So I’m here instead, just in time to talk about something more important to talk about today – althought it’s really part of the same organization:

    In his video, Quinn asks who Jerome Corsi really works for. This is because The 93 Society and it’s PSI Network arm took a hit today in that Dr. Jerome Corsi has been outted for lying about what he knew regarding hackers involved in the Seth Rich operation that was a prelude the Q Anon operation during an FBI interrogation. This places Corsi very high in the organization.

    Corsi is the man who rebuffed Quinn during a conference call last year with Jason Goodman and shortly after took up with the very types of agents in Mr. Dewity’s PSI Network Quinn was telling Corsi to avoid, including Pamphlet Anon and Tracy Beanz. Corsi was connected to Jason Goodman (and George Webb) from early in the operation, last year when Crowdsource the Truth was rehashing the Seth Rich operation from 2016, and is a longtime associate of both Roger Stone and Charles Ortel (another Crowdsource the Truth regular). The Daily Beast article shows a Corsi tweet promoting Crowdsource the Truth last year, with author Will Sommer calling it the Seth Rich hoax.

    Just how significan it the lie that Corsi was caught in? He confirmed hacker involvement in the operations, which Quinn has been talking about since last year, in this email to Roger Stone:

    "On or about August 2, 2016, CORSI responded to Person 1 by email. CORSI wrote that he was currently in Europe and planned to return in mid-August. CORSI stated: “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging.… Time to let more than [the Clinton Campaign chairman] to be exposed as in bed w enemy if they are not ready to drop HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton]. That appears to be the game hackers are now about. Would not hurt to start suggesting HRC old, memory bad, has stroke – neither he nor she well. I expect that much of next dump focus, setting stage for Foundation debacle.” (emphasis mine)

    Notice the familiar language we’ve seen used by agents in the PSI Network? How Corsi has knowledge of the weight of the impact expected from the email “dumps”? The same language used by the Anonymous Cicada 3301 cryptocurrency pushing hackers and their associates in the YouTube Fronts promoting the current operation, Q Anon? This puts Corsi in a high position in Mr. D’s PSI Network that has run operations, most significantly the Q Anon operation, to hide Quinn from the public eye since he came on the Internet to ask for help. What exactly did he know about Quinn when they spoke on that conference call with Jason Goodman last year?

    Corsi’s been directly interacting with the agents closest to Quinn and the agents in high positions of the organization. These are the people who have used influence and die-hard sharing to obscure Quinn’s message, using Quinn’s own research and adding to it in ways that steer away from the true story. And today it became so apparent why people waited for hours to talk and only then with generalities and hedging with meaningless responses. It makes it apparent why so many won’t share in earnest. This is a very large operation, one that’s used Quinn’s own resources against him and illustrated just how much expertise these people have in influence and sharing, in using AI, and to have motivation to keep him a secret.

    This news about Corsi’s lie should show the real people among us that while it was time go get moving a year and a half ago, there is no more time to sit back and try to figure it out. Instead, it’s time to get talking and to figure out how to share what is the biggest story of our time.

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  • I very well remember Quinn telling us more than a year ago that they are grooming Corsi and Steele to be the front of Op wasn’t clear what he meant then it is now def. Also connection to Charles Ortel very telling since he been having that Sunday with Charles on Jason’s channel every Sunday talking about Clinton foundation for 3 hrs straight all from DNC emails and Clinton foundation emails dumps

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  • It’s also concerning how much money Corsi has solicited for his defense for his role in this, further showing how these operations influence people to share and support while #IndraAI is in need of funding to grow.

  • @lelu369 be careful how you reply here. I don’t want the same that I see from you in the chatrooms where you talk like you know then go away never to be seen again. You know what I’m talking about… at this point you are in line for the #1 person playing nice but stalling progress.

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