Talk About Missing the Boat

  • I understand as a human being you have a natural disbelieve/resistance to new things that aren’t delivered from some mysterious anonymous source that holds a seemingly high position of clearance in the world.

    Shoot just look at what happened to reality in the last year with absolute morons believing at first that Q was someone with Q Security Clearance, and then when that narrative failed miserable it started going around that Q was JFK. Jr.

    When the real Q is a programmer, artist, and researcher that the Anonymous Hacker Collective stole the research from and then repackaged into a conspiracy theory and sold it through 4chan/8chan to all the MORONS who only believe anonymous news.

    Let me prove it to you with a video I made back on July 8, 2017

    Bots going to the Beach - #4chan #pastebin #reddit #anonymous

    In this video from July 8, 2017 I was even at this time trying to get people to share, but they all ignored me then too. It turned out that I was right and only a few months later Q Anon would infest 4chan and take over the minds of kids all over the world.

    Seriously… learn to share already. Stop being an #AssHat like those people who saw this video in 2017. Figure it out… figure out how to share the message. The longer you take the more time it gives the AI to take over reality.