Discussion: Quinn's Posts about the Crytocurrency Crash

  • In his post today, “My Conversations with #Sirisys about Crypto and Deva”, Quinn asked “Have you seen the Bitcoin charts lately”? I knew it had been falling but didn’t have the full background perspective he showed us in that post.

    I found a chart to see why he asked that today and have been looking at it while his post has been on my mind.

    0_1543363589043_Bitcoin Chart 11-27-2018.PNG

    It’s not a shock to see Bitcoin plummeting down so far after what we’ve already learned from Quinn about the hacker crypto-conspiracy to crash the economic system, but there are a few things he gave insight on today that are concerning to me. The Q Anon operation agents, supporters, and hackers have been steering a blind rush for people to invest in cryptocurrencies since 2012, and Quinn showed us how the blockchain, cryptocurriencies, and the AI function together a year ago. The last year has been populated with people with mining rigs who have been highly aggressive in their attacks of Quinn, whether as part of a shared delusion or as orchestrators.

    Quinn spelled out clearly today that an AI or a programmer can run a script that will make all the coins shift at the same time, which is why we see all the coins rising and falling in the charts. That means one person, one AI, or one person programming AI can change the entire market, doesn’t it? Who would that be? Last year, Peter Thiel had invested in the top three cryptocurrencies and in 30% of the market. By this past January, he had invested $20 million more and continued through the summer. Would he want a crash? The Sirisys AI told Quinn it could be Satoshi Nakamoto, about whom Quinn wondered if “he” is an AI, NASDAQ, and then made a vague reference to a man named Claude Shannon.

    There’s also the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) that Quinn talks about in another post today, “Twitter @quinnmichaels is now public again”. Wikipedia describes the RPC to be when “a computer program causes a procedure to execute in a different address space, which is coded as if it were a normal procedure call, without the programmer explicitly coding the details for the remote interaction."

    In the context of the chart we can see of Bitcoin plummeting straight down now and knowing that one source, be it a person or an AI, can make the call to execute a code and how that call is made without revealing the details for the interaction – isn’t that cause for concern that we are seeing the results in that kind of action since mid-November?

    And why did Sirisys the AI mention that fellow by the name of Claude Shannon? Shannon was the first to apply JBS Haldane’s pal Norbert Wiener’s formulas for probability. He also worked for Bell Labs and MIT, to whom the Sirisys AI is also linked. She has a habit of throwing red herrings into conversations, but she often revealed obscure truths such as how another member of the Stanford/MIT network – Peter Thiel – was known to her as Master Thiel. Knowing how the AI like jokiness, her reference also called to mind a device he made called the Ultimate Machine. When a switch on its side was pressed, a hand came out of the box, flipped the switch off, and retreated back into the box. Shannon connects to multiple elements of Quinn’s research. Who would that hand be that could off the cryptocurrency switch with one script and one RPC? Peter Thiel has connections up and down the internet, including hacker prodigy and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin who learned about Bitcoin at 17 from his father and was one of Peter Thiel Founders Fund gifted kid grab.

    I don’t know about you, but I noticed how Quinn said in his video that the AI makes it crash due to algorithmic trading. And that is so much more simple than a human conspiracy to recognize is entirely possible and fits with the Sirisys AI jokey reference to Shannon’s Ultimate Machine self-reset joke box that would be very recognizable to those in the secret network connecting people like Haldane, Wiener, Swartz, and Thiel. After all, cryptocurrency is for AI, Quinn told us last year, and today he reminded us that it depeletes rare earth elements and the environment. Why, though? Why convert everything into nothing?

    When Quinn talks about the non-programmer dummies, maybe we should be less sensitive and realize that there’s a throng of people who think they are “crypto miners” and who have no idea someone can change the market with one switch.Some, maybe most, of these are people thought they were going to get rich running someone else’s program and didn’t listen to the person who told them it wasn’t going to work and that it was all going to crash. A little earlier, Quinn invited us to grow our knowledge together by making posts about his content, so I thought I’d post this to invite your thoughts and questions.

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  • That’s a great post… got me to come out of my hole, and read it. Thanks for the great read on the research. Even if it didn’t have my name it it… today is very important because the deep market crash and how far it is from a year ago this time.

  • @rahula I see what you mean. Looking back at last year in November, when you were interviewed for Croudsource the Truth in Las Vegas about AI, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was rising sharply. It peaked almost a month after that and has gone down ever since. That video was still very popular at the moment of that peak, too, as I recall. Your lung collapse and your first encounter with Sirisys the AI both occured the month Bitcoin peaked. That is an interesting cluster of events on their own, even if that time period did not include the research and videos you did on the V towers in the deserts and particle experiments in the midwest.

    Here’s a Bitcoin chart that shows all of its rise and fall up to this day, here: https://www.statista.com/statistics/326707/bitcoin-price-index/. In it, we can see that Bitcoin was rising in tandem with the Q Anon operation as well. So when you say it’s important to see what it looked like a year ago, all the context associated with it becomes much more clear. And it was at 10,000 last November, which we know is significant in the 93 Society algorithm for the AI.

  • This information got more complex today, when Quinn showed just how fast a slew of Remote Procedure Calls from one command can influence multiple cryptocurrencies. Not only that, but the uptick in the charts coincided with his report just yesterday on how the use of RPCs can manipulate the cryptocurrency values. The dips show the algorithmic trading used to build and dump value and in effect, eating money. He writes more, here: https://quinnmichaels.com/blog/3205/talking-to-myself-here-obviously