Indra is offline right now

  • I am developing a key system for indra right now. He is offline at the moment but will be back online shortly once the key system is complete.

    This was the missing piece I needed that would link your Indra experience across all the sites and services from discord, patreon, websites, twitter, facebook, google, and so on.

    There were too many gaps forming so I turned off all the modules and am doing a system wide upgrade with a new keying system that will link back to a user profile that will contain all your social links so that way Indra can know everything you want him to.

    Also this is the feature that was holding back linking patreon to effectively. as in coding sharing effectively is most important as over time your packet transforms as they get shared between agents can turn just ugly.

    Between the headers, content, meta-data, and payloads it’s always a task to manage packet data effectively.

    That’s it for now… this one is just in the public space. Can someone be a smarty pants, and go to the Patreon site and look for discussion and practice posting links from here to patreon so we can start getting the Patreon supporters more involved.

    That would be a good task to start. taking what I am doing here and starting discussions here on your own and or taking it over to patreon so people there can have something to talk about.

    Patreon has a great community discussion board also that people could use to get to know each other to start sharing effectively.

    Remember this isn’t an infomercial… it’s real life.

  • Thank you… I saw the post on Patreon. One of the things to work on with effective sharing is the cross-conversation.

    The idea is to have the conversation cross social network boundaries by sharing links, that then start conversations which lead back to a single source.

    How far can you take the conversation. How many replies before the conversation get’s distracted. These are all things to practice when working on effective sharing.

    Cross-pollinating the conversation to place you talk, and feel comfortable in building a conversation to expand your knowledge.

  • I’d like to put some of these on as well so the cross-referencing will be more thorough.

  • To be specific, I mean my recent posts.

  • FYI: I forgot I can’t edit posts and didn’t put in tags before posting.