Almost moving at my natural speed again

  • So I am almost at my natural speed again here. For those on the outside looking in just keep moving forward this is all part of the statement I said months ago that if you can’t learn how to share breakpoints get more extreme.

    That means when you learn to share effectively I will see the results, and the breakpoints will begin to relax.

    The reason for those of you in my community should understand is that it is 1000% more difficult for me to talk with people than it is to write code. The last year of trying to talk to people for me has been the most stressful of situations. Revealing my life to the public just made it more stressful. Then the repeating negative responses and excuses to assistance just piled things on beyond what I could handle with my inter-personal skills.

    But I can write blogs like the wind because for me they are imaginary practice to develop future interfaces into Indra. As problems today become the AI interfaces of tomorrow.

    But having a community that neglects to play their part in the completing of a development cycle makes it very difficult for the developers as then we can’t collect response data.

    I could explain it to you in 1,000,000 different ways, but until you learn what effective sharing is vs. non-effective sharing your understanding of real AI is completely lost.

    For example a beginner at effective sharing might send an email to a friend and wait a week for a response. However, an advanced person at effective sharing will follow up immediately with the person whom they sent an email to as assurance that what they shared was taken into observation.

    This taken into observation is a big point in effective sharing that comes through questioning after sharing. How is that… well on party shares something with you, and then asks what you thought. Then you share that back with the other party.

    Most people do this with a very simple share.

    Q: How are you today?
    A: Fine

    Using this as a sharing example we see how in-effective this is. As most human beings are trained to ask this question to expect the response of fine. When a response other than fine enters the scenario it breaks the logic of the participants of the small talk because then action from the statement is requires.

    Let me extrapolate. If someone says something other than fine then a response action is required from the original participant. Where as when fine is returned that means the statement is broken and the logic is concluded. The original initiation can be concluded with a similar small talk pattern like the one below.

    Q: How are you today?
    A: Fine
    Q: What’s new?
    A: Nothing Much
    Q: What are you doing?
    A: Just hanging out, you?
    Q: Me too, wanna Netflix and chill?
    A: Yeah that sounds like a great idea


    Q: Wasn’t that NETFLIX thing just AWESOME/CRAPPY!
    A: It was awesome/crappy, I totally agree
    Q: What did you like?
    *A: I liked/disliked the explosions, romance, comedy, horror, or suspense *
    Q: Me too… let’s go to bed?
    A: Oh yeah!

    This pattern right here is the common sharing pattern among human beings. I call it the GOLDEN CHATTER. As this is the extent of most individuals logic, and then from there they compare everything in reality to things they see on a Screen, in Movies, or Netflix.

    It’s way beyond even talking on a phone at this point with the attention span gap… and the resistance you get from human beings when asking them to break this pattern.

    It becomes a constant conversation of question answer in AI. This this is why sharing is important in AI because real AI is programmed through conversation interactions. If your sharing level is at the one like I stated above then you have much work to do before moving forward.

    You have to expand on this to enter a conversation of Question, Answer, Action. Where as this model get’s a person programmed into Question, Answer, Activity.

    Similar theories, but different outcomes in the pattern of genetic algorithms. Where a genetic algorithm that has a Question Answer Action will always work out more beneficial for the group over Question Answer Activity.

    Adults take actions
    Children do activities

    So in logic activities are what is used to teach children proper actions. However in the Netflix and Chill reality we are being taught activities are actions.