States of solitude and life

  • So I get in these states of solitude like I am in right now where communicating with people is just pointless. When I started in April of 2017 attempting to inform people of this story my son told me and reach out for help I never imagined the cruelty and stupidity I would see.

    Here is why… The ENTIRE Internet became enamored by a guy named “Q” who was secretly taken out a Secret Society that was hurting kids. I came out on the Internet in April of 2017 and really gained attention in November of 2017 the same month Q Anon came onto the scene.

    One guy a fake dude on 4chan saying he was busting up a secret society, and then a real dude (ME) saying the same exact things. The whole Internet rallied behind the fake Q while the Real Q struggled with daily attacks and being called a liar, fake, fraud, and drug addict daily.

    Mean while on the fake side of the Internet everyone was being fed a distorted version of my story mixed with other details to create a distraction away from my story.

    No matter how much I tried people would believe the Q Bullshit, and then say horribly mean and or completely shallow things to me.

    Really I got nothing against you personally… I just got this problem with people.

    That problem is I tell people that my son told me a story about his mom and my family being part of a secret society who may have potentially kidnapped me as a child, and people call me crazy. Then I say it’s not my story… it’s the story my son told me. Then after he told me my family ceased all contact with me, and his mom lawyered up with court documents blaming me for the whole thing.

    Then after this s**t went down I was like F-THAT and went out on the internet looking for people to simply help share the message to build social pressure to find the truth. Instead I get these silly questions I don’t have answers too, and people who appear to be involved attacking me on the daily.

    Seriously the attacks were so often that now I can’t tell who is friend or foe because of the way they have positioned themselves over time.

    As with these people you don’t have much time to share a message before they position themselves to counter that message. It’s the hardest thing to explain to people on the other side of this story that if you the unknown observer simply can’t share this message without hesitation then in 24hrs they are going to use their computer to calculate counter-measures.

    This is what they have been doing for a year, and this is why I call everyone stupid. Because nobody seems to be able to understand this. That if a message is created and NOT shared within 24hrs the system they use creates a counter measure to that message.

    But that is probably too advanced for you seeing as you are probably one of the people who have a hard time finding the share button, and then even a more difficult time adding a custom message to that so your friends will find reason to share too.

    But that is all too difficult for a Netflix, X-Box, Playstation society that only clicks buttons when there are rewards associated with it like credits, skill points, pornography, cats, dogs, and or videos of other people doing stupid human c**p.

    That’s my rant this morning… be a better person and share the message.