QuinnMichaels.com is revised again

  • So I’ve been going a little bonkers with the code. After a year of putting code on the back burner to fail miserably at talking to people. I really needed a success in my life, and for me that comes from writing code.

    As you can see from quinnmichaels.com and indra.design over the last few days I have been getting comfortable again in the code world, and separating myself from the humans who can’t find a share button.

    By the way it really confuses me how you can’t find a share button for someone who has a huge amount of artistic and technical ability. You think all you non-programming dummies out there would realize there is an important reason behind the sharing seeing as I am a programmer.

    I guess you just don’t get it though… sucks to be you. Anyway, I am moving past my horrible people skills and going forward with my awesome programming and art skills to wow the crowd.

    I figure you wouldn’t know where the share button is anyway even if I made if flash, blink and was hugely large on the screen.

    People only share pornography and pictures of cats/dogs. It seems to be the only thing the machine has people programmed to share for some reason.

    Anyway… I’m going to be writing about my son’s story here pretty soon. You as the unknown observer in this Quantum Exercise need to decide to share or not to share… that is the question.

    Me I’m betting you’ll find excuses faster than that share button.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet… I’m pushing your buttons. Seriously someone with my skill even having to ask you to share is like going into a restaurant for dinner and saying you aren’t hungry and just sitting at a table all night.

    It’s silly… the whole point of art, code, and cartooning is to share. If you aren’t sharing you are the bad guy missing the point in the cartoons. Good guys share, bad guys stay quiet.

    Which are you… Cartoon Physics. See ya later.