Super awesome

  • So I’ve been working all Thanksgiving weekend to get these things working with all the prototypes.

    SSL is now full https so it’s secure on the line.

    Just wanted to add that note as we go forward in development. It’s important to secure your site because for one thing it makes it so you can use service workers, and also so that way it’s harder for people to sniff on the line.

    Even though we aren’t storing financial data it’s the only encryption I really like using because it puts your sites higher in search rankings and makes certain features more able to be used in development.

    Things like Service Workers.

    Coding things to come in the future too.

    Thanks again for all the support… I’m kinda isolated right now while I work on this development stuff, and really am not talking to anybody much right now.

    Me talking to people tends to take way more time than programming or typing.

    So let’s go with that for a while.