I feel so much better

  • I feel so much better now having my own private zone on the big Internet now. Now I just get to vent and talk about how I don’t like being around people, and how pleasing it is for me to never speak but through a keyboard on a computer.

    My Year of Hell

    So the last year of my life has been HELL because my son told me a horrible story that literally drove me crazy and forced me to go out and talk to people on the internet which is one thing I hate doing.

    I hate being around people. They are always taking what I say the wrong way, and then it makes things awkward in ways you could never imagine.

    Like right now I have a Discord Chat with 300 people in there who never talk… ever. When they do they sound like bots, or people without real emotions.

    Bad Realization

    So years ago I realized I was bad with people when I was running a gallery trying to sell paintings. I had a little gallery stop in the downtown art scene in Phoenix, AZ back in the day. There were galleries next to me and up and down the streets. Everyone was selling art wit the exception of me. Every month I would spend most everything I had to make new paintings and they would just sit there never to be sold. No matter what price I put on them.

    Friends would come through… Family members would come through… everyone would tell me how awesome my art was, but nobody was buying. After a year of that it left me in a bad position with art where I just never wanted to make it again, and so after that I stopped painting.

    I never did another Oil Painting after that because the negativity from people around me and the money it cost to make was unmanageable. People often forget it costs money to make art. Paint and Canvas aren’t FREE.

    So that was when I realized I was bad with people, and was probably best off in a room alone by myself. After that I stopped painting, and put all my art in storage. Then went back to programming where I could make a reasonable living not talking to anyone.


    This is why I didn’t want to show people my programming. Because I knew you’d do the same thing that happened with the art like those artists in Phoenix.

    So really… I know it’s just me talking to myself this whole time, but it’s going to make reasonable content for my website.

  • The wonderful thing about these

    The wonderful thing about these blogs is I can add to them over time as I want information to be inserted and it will auto-magically appear with the blogs on quinnichaels.com.


    Also the page title and description are delivered from the category here at rahula.club, so I can change the site heading without having to edit code.

    That’s it for now

    That’s it for now… I’m going to keep moving forward with the work regardless of the people around me going in circles about how to click a “Share Button”

    That’s been the most amazing thing to me this whole year is how much a pain in the a*s it is to get human beings to click a share button. It’s like you imagine it’s a monster that is going to come out and bite your finger off if you click it.

    See you in the future.