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    One of the problems on the internet is everyone uses interfaces developed by someone else like Bootstrap, Foundation, or KendoUI. The UI toolkits are great in their own way, but can take what they do and expand on that with custom ground-up components for your interfaces.

    Where a UI toolkit provides for interface functionality that would otherwise be too complex for most people to write. The can provide those same elements and also a VueJs architecture with build in unit testing for development teams to really super charge development.

    View Rendering

    In the world of interface development there are what’s termed view renderers and those live between your UI and your middle-ware. These are usually one of a few open source packages in today’s ecosystem.

    Front End

    1. AngularJs - Developed by Google
    2. ReactJs - Developed by Facebook
    3. VueJs - Developed Independently
    4. BackboneJs - Old School

    Graphical User Interface

    Then usually the front-end GUI is served up with bootstrap developed by Twitter.

    This is the problem in our view at is that all of them use the same user interface that was developed by someone else.

    The interface is build inside the application framework that we develop from. So from step 1 thinks different, operates different, and produces different.