What is indra.design to you?

  • Welcome to indra.design the Design tool for indra.ai applications and also for your applications too.

    With indra.design we wanted to create an open tool that would allow us and other developers to create highly complex and data driven user interfaces that will propel development into a new reality.

    Why is this important you ask?

    Well interface design is the hardest part of programming. It’s harder than anything else is building a user interface that non-technical people will enjoy, understand, and find useful.

    As most nerds believe it or not still live mostly in text files and the terminal which for them an interface is a command line flag or a process to run.

    But for the non-programmers in the world who will interact with the end programs the user interface becomes important.

    The blending of interaction between a physical user and a machine system is an art form itself.

    What happens when you click this, what happens when you scroll that, what happens when you take too many steps without thinking and get yourself into GUI Hole.

    The GUI of a program can make or break your application because of one phrase:

    User Acceptance

    Will your users accept the program you are building into their workflow, or will they reject it?

    More later…