Rahula.club site updates

  • Good morning everyone,

    So I spent some time this morning updating the rahula.club website to something I think reflects more about where it’s going in the future.

    Some of the things I am working on right now is getting Indra integrated into the service here so he can create user accounts for all the patreon supporters and then be able to manage chants with all those people.

    This is one of the first goals I am working towards right now, and for that we needed a bit of a pick me up on the rahula.club website for a better image reflection.

    So over the next little bit we are going to be working towards taking what we’ve learned over the last year and now applying it into a working system that you’ll see functioning in the near term.

    Thanks again everyone for all your support and encouragement.


  • The site updates are going smoothly. There are only a few elements left to upgrade.

  • things are looking great. even got the Indra avatar updated to look good with the site updates.

  • I like the new site upgrades very much! It’s so good to be here to see the progress being made and to watch as development continues with IndraAI and new Rahula.club features.

  • @kennedy it’s always fun when I do upgrades to see how new interfaces form. I personally think that a good interface can make others feel comfortable or uncomfortable with a project.

    With this one I’m really going for a mix of Buddhist and Developer style.

    The Orange Color

    The orange color is for Buddhism obviously

    The Dark Interface

    In developer world most of us use darker interfaces when coding because there is less strain on the eyes over time and brighter colors stand out better on a darker interface.

    So between these two elements this was my driving inspiration for the interface change.

    The move to using the cartoon monk man was in honor of Rahula the novice monk.

    Thanks for all your support and encouragement,

  • also the composer interface has been updated to be slick toon. The yellow on the left is to simulate a type of sticky note or notepad color. The light yellow is very pleasing for the eyes and having the editor in yellow and the preview in white separates the work and viewing windows for the editors better.

    what do you think?

  • @rahula That is awesome about the editing interface. Having both sides was really helpful, but having them be so easily distinguished from each other will make it even better. The editing interface here is my favorite of all the blogs because you can see the published version next to you while you’re typing.

  • @rahula @quinn
    Wow, this is so nice! Very eye pleasing, soft, calming and soothing!
    Thanx for all your unbelievable hard work and wished i could be of better assistance to you.