Further Investigation into APA David Saunders Tyler Grasham Ron Rewald

  • Here we go through more connections between super secret spy Ron Rewald, David Saunders, and Tyler Grasham of Agency for Performing Artists in Beverly Hills, CA.

    David Saunders was known to frequent Tyler Grasham parties which were known by Ron Rewald who at the time was the director of operations.

    In this video we look at their addresses of
    405 in Beverly Hills
    135 In New York
    3060 in Atlanta

    This indicates the 93 Society and research we did previous this year in other videos.

    This include information about how Tyler Grasham Agent working in the office of Ron Rewald director of operations.

    They also mention David Saunders with Tyler and stated that David Saunders who loved to attend his parties and was generally a man who stayed to himself. That was unless Tyler was holding a party.

    David Saunders interacted with Tyler socially, so they were socialites together.

    So he is our new investigative target because your bosses higher up have to enable.

    APA was started by MCA executives and Lewis Wasserman and innovated the Agency to dominate Hollywood and represented Reagan.

    Reagan ran with a running mate who was with George Bush as a running mate.

    But David Saunders for being such a prominent literary agent you sure don’t have much information available online.

    But I am learning about you.