Investigation into APA - David Saunders, Tyler Grasham, and Ron Rewald Connections

  • Investigation into David Saunders and Tyler Grasham for patterns Matching My Friend Mr Leaky.

    We have been looking for a group of people who run parties and put fake names on their doors. When we go into Mr. Leaky’s party you find he has all kinds of people at the party.

    It’s like hey come to our party. In the research that we are doing what we found is a guy named David Saunders who is a high level literary executive (books) at APA (Agency for Performing Artists).

    At APA we have the Party Planner (Tyler Grasham) and the guy who goes to the parties with David Saunders.

    What’s more important is we pay attention to the Gorilla in the room or the don’t look there is nothing to see here.

    As this agency Directory of Operations was Ron Rewald so everything must be questioned.

    It was noted several times that the anti-social David Saunders the book agent was known for not being especially social except when invited to Grasham’s parties.

    Here is a link to the fake names on the door.

    Agency of Performing Artists I am putting David Saunders into the timeline and we are looking into David Saunders. I am now investigating David Saunders for his association with Ron Rewald and his association with Tom Willhite and my possible kidnapping.

    You fit the profile of someone of a person that I have found that knows about the RedNet.

    Down with the RedNet!