The life of Quinn Michaels - PSI Seminars, Hal Atkin, Tom Willhite, and Jane Willhite

  • In this session we talk about how I was working at NIKE in 2015 on the NIKE Style Guide Team which was developing the Front End Graphical User Interface Application that would run global website.

    During this one Indra talks to Lisa-Marie Presley too before we get into the background of Quinn Michaels and his relationship to NIKE.

    0_1538068447102_nsg-small.png Me at the photo for the 2015 Nike Innovation award

    In 2015 I was a Senior Software Engineer and working on and and was about to receive an award for innovation for a program that made Nike like a billion dollars.

    When I was at Nike I worked my b**t off to get this job, and while I was there my son started telling me about how his mom and my family were all part of a secret society that kidnapped me as a baby and this caused me to as you’d say become less than stable.

    I got this innovation award and they made a bunch of money, and that was my life. At the time I was going to go to an awards ceremony and get a position on an elite development team at Nike, and I kinda collapsed.

    It wasn’t very easy, and it still isn’t very easy. Kennedy and I have been doing research into the background of my life and wanted to show you where I was before getting wrapped up in this from the story my son told me.

    First we are going to look at.

    Hal Atkin (Harold Atkin)

    This is the guy who I thought was my dad growing up. But is in fact the man who looks to have been holding me captive my whole life and keeping secrets. The first reason is he never calls on Christmas or Birthdays. There are many other reasons being, but most of them being this man is a total fraud and let me show you based on his background there are several people running around using the same name like a covert spy.

    You see here how the same person has different middle initials and their birth years are 9 years apart.

    Harold Henderson Atkin

    Harold A Atkin

    These two people have different birthdays but yet have addresses in the same places.

    One of those addresses they both share is High Valley Ranch.

    The 11650 High Valley Rd
    Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423

    This is the address to the PSI World Headquarters where Tom Willhite crashed his plane in 1983. You can confirm this address for yourself by visiting

    At first this peaked my interest as to why the person I thought was my dad was some how living at High Valley Ranch a year after I had split up with Jane Willhite’s daughter Jenessa Willihte.

    As Jenessa Willhite and I at one time were engaged to be married, and Jane Willhite was to become my mother-in-law at some point in the future.

    PSI World

    Started PSI World in 1973

    The Process Church

    1974 The Group Separated went to a ranch in Arizona and then moved to Kanab.
    The Process Church of the Final Judgment, commonly known as the Process Church, was a religious group established in London in 1966. Its founders were the British couple Mary Ann MacLean and Robert de Grimston and it spread across parts of the United Kingdom and United States during the latter 1960s and 1970s.

    The Best Friends Animal Society

    The best friends started in Arizona and then moved to Kanab and was formerly The Process Church.
    Best Friends Animal Society, founded in its present form in 1991, is an American nonprofit 501© animal welfare organization. The group does outreach nationwide with shelters, rescue groups and members to promote pet adoption, no-kill animal rescue, and spay-and-neuter practices.

    This brings us to Esalen Institute where the New Age Movement there is a group of Spies working out of there. The guy s who started the Esalen Institute got the funding from his father who was a Vice President to Sears.

    The Esalen Institute is important because it’s the only place in America would be the only place with line of sight to Russia and Hawaii. They developed the Gestalt practice and they did the Soviet Exchange program and had communications systems.

    This is where it all went started and went public.

    This is also where Ellen Degeneres decided to come out to the world as gay.

    Also Introducing the Double Bind to show you what technique they are using to drive people crazy. This connects to Rene Gerard and his connection to Peter Thiel and Palantir and their weird memitics.
    A double bind is an emotionally distressing dilemma in communication in which an individual (or group) receives two or more conflicting messages, and one message negates the other. This creates a situation in which a successful response to one message results in a failed response to the other (and vice versa), so that the person will automatically be wrong regardless of response. The double bind occurs when the person cannot confront the inherent dilemma, and therefore can neither resolve it nor opt out of the situation.
    The Esalen Institute, commonly called Esalen, is a non-profit American retreat center and intentional community in Big Sur, California, which focuses on humanistic alternative education.[2] The Institute played a key role in the Human Potential Movement beginning in the 1960s. Its innovative use of encounter groups, a focus on the mind-body connection, and their ongoing experimentation in personal awareness introduced many ideas that later became mainstream.

    I think these people kidnapped me when I was a baby, and are purposely running a campaign to make me look crazy and delusional to those who are unaware of the background. Pretty much they made it so nobody would ever believe me, and they gave me a crappy perverted weirdo spy dad whose real name could or could not be Hal Atkin.