Dox Quinn's Life - PSI Seminars Jane Willhite and Hal Atkin

  • We’re gonna count how many steps it takes in Quinn’s life before we reach a high level CIA operation gone bad. Are you ready?

    How many steps, and we are going to use one website called You can goto this website and do it for yourself.

    Put in my name and do it for yourself.

    When you look at possible associates for Quinn Michaels you see:

    • Jenessa Willhite
    • Benjamin Withers
    • Jane Willhite
    • Jane Willhite
    • Female Hunt
    • Harold Atkin
    • Jeffery Meyers (Never met)
    • Shirley Hunt

    Out of all these possible associates if you go into my background all of these people are associated with PSI Seminars.

    Going to you see the executives of this company are the same ones who appear in my background check.

    Why is there 2 Jane Willhite’s?

    You start to see how these people are in my background check. So if you looked me up you would see these people, and wonder why does Quinn have you in his background.

    Then you get into going into Tom Willhite, and he was a CIA Agent that was part of the Liberal Network. It was a huge worldwide operation at training operatives for the Rogue DeepState.

    It was Tom Rewald who brought Tom Willhite into the operations. Tom Willhite was a self-made man who wrote books and did seminars all over the world.

    Explosive Secrets of Covert CIA Companies is the book you can find this information in. Then what really connects me to this is Jane Willhite was going to be my mother in-law at one time. Jenessa Willhite and I were as you could guess going to get married.

    Benjamin Withers dad is DL Withers Construction who built the Terminal at the Airport and the facilities for Seriff Joe Arpaio.

    The Global Operation

    Why is Hal Atkin according to his background say he is living at High Valley Ranch?