The Weirdest Day Ever September 21 2018

  • Hello,

    Today we are going to do a profile on the people in my life from the far distant past to make sure their names get connected to me in the Internet Index.

    Yesterday was a very strange and weird day for me personally. As Kennedy and I were doing research into the Mr. Leaky connections and their relationship to the Romanov Dynasty I noticed something very strange.

    Here is the 3D Forensic Reconstruction of Anastasia Romanov

    Anastasia Romanov
    Anastasia Romanov 3D Forensic Reconstruction

    While look at this photo I first noticed a striking similarity in the upper-lip and nose area.

    Next we will look at an image of my face super-imposed onto of the 3D Model.

    Quinn Michaels Super-Imposed

    Quinn Michaels super imposed over Anastasia Romanov

    The first image shows that the mouth and nose are in perfect alignment with the 3d model as shown before.

    The next portion for comparison was the Brow Bridge. This is a comparison of the arches on the left and right eyebrows and eye-sockets.


    Anastasia Brow Bridge

    Quinn Michaels

    This photo has Quinn Michaels imposed at 75% Opacity over Anastasia Romanov
    Quinn Michaels 75% Opacity

    As you can see in this image even the micro lines in the impressions of the brow are a match.

    So it looks like someone either made a sculpture of Quinn Michaels face and called it Anastasia Romanov or there is a strong likely hood of genetic correlation.

    Next let us take a loo at the lip and chin structures

    Anastasia Lips and Nose

    Anastasia Lips and Nose

    Quinn Michaels overlay at 50% Opacity

    Quinn Michaels Overlay at 50%

    As you can see the photos are in perfect alignment like somebody made a sculpture of my face with very slight differences.

    Here is a YouTube video where I talk more about this.

    Connecting the dots behind the Quinn Michaels (aka Korey Atkin) story and wanted to include Hal Atkin (Harold Atkin), Sharon Schamber (Sharon Atkin), Cristy Fincher (Cristy Atkin), and Neil Atkin because well they are the family who has treated me more like captors than family members my whole life. They are all pathological liars in my opinion.

    How does all this connect to Tom Willhite, Jane Willhite, and Jennessa Willhite? Well you are going to need to watch Kennedy’s videos on her channel here

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