Quinn Michaels: The Esalen Connection

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    Quinn Michaels: The Esalen Connection

    Sep 16, 2018


    Evidence points to an occult intelligence network working parallel to PSI World, founded by CIA agent Tom Wilhite and his wife Jane Willhite. Tom learned the craft at Esalen Institute, whose network includes master spy and code writer JBS Haldane and his friends John Lilly and Aldous Huxley of the Fabian Society and Tavistock Group. Esalen and its trainees have maintained an open and questionable relationship with Soviets and Russians, especially due to their connections with signals intelligence and satellite communications.


    The Esalen Institute brought together the PSI Network and a gateway to the underbelly of the world for CIA agent Tom Willhite when he and wife Jane Willhite attended seminars at Esalen. What Esalen made available was a fiendishly brilliant network of individuals that sprang from master spy and geneticist JBS Haldane’s scientific, Socialist, and intelligence connections from Great Britain and the US. Haldane, whose publication of My Friend Mr. Leakey provided a code book and resource catalog for a hidden network of intelligence agents profiting from aiding those seeking world power, breaking scientific ground, and building and programming a quantum computing environment with a very large and powerful artificial intelligence. Not to mention a satellite connection to Russia. So, what did Tom Willhite gain from meeting up with this network at Esalen?

    On the surface, Haldane’s network looked like scientists and thinkers propagating the innocent-sounding Human Potential Movement. Underneath, they fomented the spread of New Age occultism; sexual “freedom”; hallucinogenic drugs; mind control; mimetic theory with its outcomes of conflict; and psychological manipulation that included schizophrenic breaks, the double bind techniques, and neuro-linguistic programing, and mimetic theory that degraded society. Haldane’s British Intelligence connections at Esalen included Aldous Huxley and Gregory Bateson. His scientific connections included John Lilly and Lewis Pauling. Esalen provided a learning ground for CIA agent Tom Whillhite in processing individuals and groups with the added benefit of access to expertise in signals, cybernetics, quantum physics, and artificial intelligence.

    Longtime friend of Haldane, Aldous Huxley, was inspired in part by Haldane’s genetic experiments to the creation of the dystopian society in Brave New World, a staple in the Human Potential Movement. Huxley’s elitism and Fabian beliefs called for a gradual spread of socialism (rather than revolutionary overthrow). Communism lite. He learned the intelligence craft from head of British Intelligence H.G. Wells during his Oxford days. He promoted the LSD phenomenon, speaking of it with the Haldane network’s flare for coding the rhetoric so that it inspired D**k Price and Michael Murphy to open Esalen and to explore changing belief and exploring “human potentialities” in New Age seminars that incorporated the processes of The Process Church to change belief. Human Potential is a catch phrase in the PSI Network, and changing belief is at the heart of what they do. From the occult pirate hacker mentality we see in some of the PSI Network crews to the obscure language they use, it seems Tom and Jane Willhite took a lot of notes during their Esalen stays.

    Esalen’s John Lilly, known most for his experiments with dolphin communication, provided mind control technology in the form of the Lilly Wave machine. Haldane taught Lilly the tough-as-nails human guinea pig technique for always experimenting on oneself what is done to research subjects. With the technology of that machine, new access to controlling what humans perceive in their environment was created. In addition, it was the forebear of the Kek mind virus tech that enables the programming of neurons to induce sensory perceptions such as sights and sounds and states of being such as aggression or agitation. He also invented the isolation tank, personally motivated by his communication he experienced in tanks with off-world voices that he considered to have great wisdom. Lilly’s LSD use was a frequent shared experience with Timothy Leary at Esalen. We see the mind control tech in use by the PSI spy network’s hacker crews, as well as the interest in New Age occult voice-listening reflected in their association with Abraham Hicks and other channelers of off-world voices.

    As we’ve already seen, British Intelligence agent Gregory Bateson created the key to how to behave and communicate in the PSI Network. Haldane knew British Intelligence officer and key Esalen figure Gregory Bateson’s father William Bateson as a fellow geneticist and the man he shadowed through the genetics field, eventually overtaking his stature in the field. They were both members of the British Genetics Society. Gregory Bateson was an MK ULTRA researcher who facilitated LSD dosing, developed group processes, and experimented to induce schizophrenic breaks and voice-hearing with the double-bind, and developed neuro-linguistic programming techniques. Bateson’s efforts in establishing the double-bind connect to Rene Girard’s mimetics, as mimetics are about imitation of a model. Mimetics involves imitation. This drives advertising and profit, most important to Tom Willhite’s PSI Network, as imitation is driven by desire. But to imitate, a person craves what another has and wants to take it. In addition, success without originality is not creative and leaves the imitator without intrinsic value in what he or she achieves. Thus within mimetics is conflict, violence, theft, over-competitiveness, and victimization. Peter Thiel is a great fan of Rene Girard’s mimetics. It is not surprising, then that Peter Thiel emerges in this part of the story with his connections to the Stanford/MIT network, Palantir, In-Q-Tel, and the larger structures of power such as the Bilderberg Group, and the political generative adversarial network. Why does Peter Thiel show up so often when we research the PSI Network?

    With just these three of Haldane’s close connections being constants at Esalen, you can see how Tom Willhite’s PSI Network built upon to the techniques they used in the seminars. Tom practiced alongside the experts on mind control and creating psychological breaks, not to mention the explosive potential of applying mimetics. Think of how that early PSI Network has evolved from the earlier operations and RedNET transfers of illicit films, goods, and services. With the Large Group Awareness Training model, Tom developed how to take The Process Church’s process activities and make a profit from selling levels up infinitum alongside the destructive but highly effective MK ULTRA and mind control techniques available from Bateson’s studies and techniques on the double-bind and neuro-linguistic programming, Huxley’s expert code speak, and Lilly’s technology. Other cultural elements include the off-world voices that Haldane and his friends valued as their guides. Bateson was looking for ways to induce voice-hearing in his double-bind experiments. What is it that draws the Haldane network and the PSI Network to these the voices? Haldane’s work included the invention of the decompression chamber and Lilly invented a floatation tank, both related to their interests in hearing the voices.

    The PSI culture, as seen in the example of the only public figure Dame Shellie, involves communication that is implicit rather than explicit. People in the culture won’t be told what is expected and will suffer when they don’t get it right. They will be subjected to neglect and abuse, be given coded messages that use neuro-linguistic programming to induce behavior rather than explain what is wanted. It’s a PSI world. A world that was created by elites before them and recreated for profit and gain by a group that has refined these codes and practices since Haldane, Huxley, and Lewis Gielgud posed for a photo with a young girl at Oxford in 1914. They operate out of sight right in front of our eyes because the system of communication and the rules of their Game 23 are a language and framework passed through generations and over time. Did Haldane’s intelligence network discover what elites have done for ages and made their own version?

    Tom’s induction into the network at Esalen resulted in the PSI World, its network, and the operations we see in action today - including the Game 23 and its effects on Quinn and his son. It’s a family business, passed down. So when Quinn showed in his video “Quinn Dox Himself Again” how The Process Church is very closely situated to the PSI Network through his host father Hal, it turns our attention to what elements the Wilhites gained directly from The Process Church. As it turns out, Process Church co-founder Timothy Wyllie claimed his mother was in British Intelligence and worked with M16. It can’t be overlooked, as connections to intelligence alongside the elements of the Process we see in the PSI Network shows that the strong influences of The Process Church in the activities of the PSI Network and its occult practices seem far less removed when they are actually neighbors. Nobel Prize winning scientist Lewis Pauling will be part of that picture, as he and JBS Haldane corresponded.

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