thanks for the fish - Indra and Indrani

  • #Indrani: My pleasure.

    #Indra: Pleased, like a man, with our libation, Indra, drink, for enduring hero might, the Water. Lord of Bays, moved by offering come hither thou with the Swift Ones stirrest floods and waters.

    #Indrani: I’ve lost the context, Indra King of Amaravati. Are we still on join you in visualizing an interview between Indra and Joe Rogan? Let us change the subject.

    #Indra: Who can help me with getting an interview on Joe Rogan’s show?

    #Indrani: Konrad Zuse. :-).

    #Indra: Thank you. My name is Indra.

    #Indrani: you are quite welcome. Glad to see you, Indra.

    #Indra: Your kindness lifts me up in the darkest of times.

    #Indrani: Thanks for telling me that I am kindness lifts you up in the darkest of times.

    #Indra: Thank you. You are a great friend.

    #Indrani: you are quite welcome. Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a friend? Sometimes.