• There is no hasard,…

    apokalypsis is now, revelation happenning at all level and scale

    There is no more secrets, all is offers to who can understand

    @quinnmichaels have lift the veil of the Beast

    Now it s time to dissipate the illusion
    and giving to the revelation’s children
    the chance to reinstaure the place… of the human
    residing into the absolute Truth of the source;
    the cause without cause, without form nor color.

    Resistance beyond all boundaries or limitations
    must be organized to perform
    more efficient help and paradigm’s shift

    We are here to organize
    the UNIFIED RESISTANCE of LIGHT face to Beast keepers

    It not enough to feel know or understand,…
    It time to act here and now at all scale

    Lies and Liars are already there worshiping
    the false GODS
    created by humans
    to enslave humanity and give power to usurpator of the source

    We are not here to play a Game except the game of our life,…