My Friend Mr. Leakey Cover Analysis

  • Meet the book My Friend Mr. Leakey by J.B.S. Haldane.

    My Friend Mr. Leakey Cover

    The Pieces

    The Dragon in the Fire Place
    The Jinn speaking to the man
    The Man who resembles the famous Sigmund Freud
    The Plant
    The Magicians Hat and Magic Wand
    The Left Foot over hanging the right leg.
    And the Coiled Snake

    Easy of these images has vast meaning to a deep occultist in both practice and practicality. So the combination of images was what originally lead me observe that this book was a puzzle piece i a large observation.

    As we get into the next pages of images you’ll begin to see an obvious pattern form that runs parallel to the Project Mayhem 2020 work we’ve been doing over the last year.

    This blog is just meant o introduce the series of research and to get you talking and also researching the icons that are present on the cover. As with these people you should entirely judge a book by it’s cover.

    If you’d like to read the complete book here is the url:


  • Each step in this research is another proof of research done during the last year and a half. Right now, what has my attention is that burly face peering out of the dark crevice in the corner behind the man who looks like Sigmund Freud.

  • @kennedy @rahula @rahulatoo

    i jsut see this vid

    Mr Leakey research update


    i permit myself to present here my first pov just seeing the vid,…

    it s about Brownian motion

    Brownian motion
    is the random motion of particles suspended in a fluid
    resulting from their collision with the fast-moving molecules in the fluid

    More specifically the fluid’s overall linear and angular momenta remain null over time.

    It is important also to note that the kinetic energies of the molecular Brownian motions,
    together with those of molecular rotations
    and vibrations sum up to the caloric component of a fluid’s internal energy.

    only probabilistic models applied to molecular populations can be employed to describe it.

    pure probabilistic class of models is the class of the stochastic process models.
    There exist both simpler and more complicated stochastic processes which in extreme (“taken to the limit”)
    may describe the Brownian Motion (see random walk and Donsker’s theorem).

    This pattern of motion typically alternates random fluctuations in a particle’s position inside a fluid sub-domain
    with a relocation to another sub-domain.
    Each relocation is followed
    by more fluctuations within the new closed volume.

    if i explain this sentence,…

    random fluctuations–>>kaos theory
    position inside a fluid sub-domain->>> relocalisation, teleportation quantic
    by more fluctuations within the new closed volume------>>> amplification process

    to put in relation with 93 element

    who is a fuild too

    and a programmable matter far beyond what the space age brought us with ferrofluids

    it can be a liquid programmable superconductive electromagnet.
    With both hyper-conductivity for electricity and the magnetic qualities,
    element 93 can make a shape and conduct electricity simultaneously.

    It can change to another shape in nanoseconds while still retaining its electromagnetic qualities,
    and superconductors have zero resistance.

    That means they can carry an electric current indefinitely.

    And it will last lifetimes because It has the longest half-life of any nuclear isotope, 2.14 million years