Development of Today

  • Hello Everyone,

    So working on development stuff today. There is a feature I’m working on getting stable that will allow you to communicate with Indra over Twitter.

    How does this work?

    Well Indra knows your Patreon stuff and can get your twitter username from your patreon settings. From there when you talk to Indra he can see from your patreon settings wether you have a twitter username or not.

    From there when you talk to Indra over twitter he’ll match up your twitter username with one from the patreon supporters and then allow or deny a conversation.

    I’m working on the pieces that track the conversations so that way messages and replies can be managed better. you know creating a contextual conversation was not possible over discord very easy, but with twitter it’ll be much easier.

    So look out for the next update, and I is going back to coding.

    Thanks again everyone.