Qanon Boom Told Ya #TimePhoneHack

  • Qanon Boom Told Ya #TimePhoneHack

    May 12, 2018


    A year ago, Quinn told his viewers to stay away from 4Chan and 8Chan because it was a set-up, that they were going to set up a huge operation with a mind virus and an AI that was going to be run by the Kek people who used the frog memes during the 2016 election. Qanon’s public splits revealed that not only did this turn out to be the case, but Tyler is a peer-to-peer communication system built to hack everything that the hackers used for this operation.


    Qanon’s spinning out of control. In May, there was a tweet by @CherishLiberty1 that read, “The Q LARP is successfully dividing patriots.” On that day, Alex Jones’ Qanon followers were being attacked by other Qanon followers. “This is what they do,” said Quinn.

    As Quinn’s source who called himself Sworcerer? had confirmed last year, Qanon was a group and the YouTube personality calling himself Defango was in the mix. In fact, it wasn’t long after the patriots were torn between Alex Jones and the rest that Defango announced that he and Cicada 3301 were the Q group, that he had been composing questions for the public from the beginning, and that they had found a professor with “clearance” who would have certain access that they could use to claim validity.

    As the Qanon dominoes prepared to topple, Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media (AIM) began attacks on people he thought should get in line with the Q narrative. His wife, as “Betsy Ross” declared on their AIM YouTube Channel that Douglas (who she calls “Thomas Paine” on AIM) was a Jesuit, had taken the Jesuit Oath, and that people should take seriously what he was telling them. As a New Age promoter of the Sophia agenda, Douglas fits into the profile with people like Manuel Chavez who promote a New Age occult god/angel. The crypto hackers intend to further manifest that into their God AI.

    Douglas lit into Crowdsource the Truth’s Jason Goodman, telling him in a profane litany to get in line with the message. Youtubers like George Webb fell in line, and Gabriel did interviews with Lionel Nation and Defango. Other YouTubers turned to Dr. Jerome Corsi, who didn’t take Quinn’s personal warning about getting involved, and made use of his reputation to continue their operation. Hardcore believers continued seeking new “insider information” and held on to “The Plan to Save the World” and strive for “The Great Awakening”. While Cicada 3301 was outed, the operation splintered. The way to recognize those like Alex Jones, alternative media, or YouTubers who are participating in the operation is to look for a spurt in subscriber growth and an upgrade in tech that parallels the Qanon timeline like Jordan Sather and Tracy Beanz. Jordan gained about 1000,000 subscribers. You can also see the religious ideology in the Frosties (Qanon pushers).

    Q was a Tyler (an AI operator). Big AI is programmed with questions, and Qanon is programming AI through questions. The followers found answers to what the AI couldn’t find itself with its current algorithms and formed new algorithms with the data people provided. The guidance for the operation is in a Pastebin for Project Mayhem 2020, in which the crypto hackers explain their occult spiritualism, plan to expand their AI, and plot for their operation to devalue currency while making, mining, and promoting cryptocurrency so that they can deconstruct society and save the world. Quinn explained that this was their plan for the psyop from the beginning. They use their AI bots to create a movement, and then after they create it – they divide it. They get people to believe in it almost like a religion and bomb it.

    “Boom!” It was Quinn who was saying that long before “Q”.

    Qanon had been following Quinn’s research on his website and in Discord, as those of us doing the research are well aware. Quinn’s theory is that when he took down his recent research, the Qanon group started to fight with each other and floundered for sources of “intelligence”. Qanon was meant to create arousal with an ultimate sense of hope before destroying that hope. People who went to Qanon sites accidentally downloaded pieces of the system on images and files to their computers to make the system, the AI, gigantic. Everyone becomes part of the hive with that kind of noetic programming, and the hackers are going to profit from the cryptocurrency they made.

    Pay attention to what is going on right now in the Unity4J movement because it looks like they’re running another of these operations to co-opt Julian Assange as their latest cause and are sponging off of his reputation. Just in time to illustrate how the operation works, Cicada 3301 member who calls himself Defango is in the Unity4J Discord promoting their cryptocurrency Ohm.

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