#Tyler - Meme Warfare the FACTs

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    #Tyler - Meme Warfare the FACTs

    Dec 26, 2017


    Channels related to the Qanon operation and Cicada 3301 make videos and memes to discredit Quinn when he exposes the truth. To show how memes like those work, he shared a document called Memetics – A Growth Industry in the US Military Operations from the Defense Technical Information Center and how it guides the use of memes to manipulate our minds, life, and belief structures.


    The white paper “Memetics – A Growth Industry in the US Military Operations” has been used since 2006 to guide the US Marine Corps and the School of Advanced Warfighting at Marine Corps University in Quantico, Virginia to to “influence the ideological spheres of future enemies by engaging them with alternate means—memes—to gain advantage”.

    Some of us saw memes on Twitter and YouTube about Quinn before we saw his videos. Putting a burst of them out each time Quinn gets to a breakthrough point in his research or reporting on his research is a repeated pattern. According to the white paper, “Meme-warfare enters into the hotly contested battlefields inside the minds of our enemies and particularly inside the minds of the undecided.”

    “This is also known as a mind virus”, says Quinn. The Kek mind virus in particular was cultivated first on Reddit and then in other social media. Over time, as the occult nature of the hackers creating the memes grew, its origins in the Egyptian god Kek became apparent. The connections to the Aleister Crowley occult practices became more clear, if you were paying attention, over a decade. And the neuroscience used to measure and then replicate states of mind and being were applied.

    The research has established these functions of memes clearly and scientifically, so it is only another type of psychological operation for the crypto hackers to play the trickster and say it is only a cartoon. Kids who’ve been exposed to Kek culture and occult through gaming or Internet chat rooms like Discord don’t put up banners and construct altars to an Egyptian frog god because it’s a cartoon.

    Children should learn to look at everything from several angles before letting their beliefs and thoughts be changed so that they see distortions intended to change their beliefs about someone or something. Adults who are swayed by memes should ask why this happens so easily. In short, it’s the militarization combined with neuroscience and the techniques of The Process Church that are working to change thought and belief. Crowley’s occult is one of the precursors that fed into The Process Church. Your place in the process is to be quiet and believe as you are told. Thus, they can make a cartoon into a black magic idol. Add the science in the subliminal imagery, and you have people who feel confused and are easily led.

    The whitepaper continues, with the insistence that “memes can and should be used like medicine to inoculate the enemy and generate popular support.” Some of the lab workers in tech companies are members of these occult crypto hackers spreading the Kek mind virus and distorting the image and reputation of good people who are trying to help others, like Quinn.

    The mind virus is essentially the wrong use of the medicinal use of ocular images to create neuron codes and thus a changed state in the viewer. The whitepaper states to militarize and weaponize this medical use, do its opposite. Instead of code for a healthier condition, “Using the analogy that ideologies possess the same theoretical characteristics as a disease (particularly as complex adaptive systems), then a similar method and routine can/should be applied to combating them.” In other words, combat your enemy’s mind with meme warfare as if what your enemy is thinking is a disease to be reversed. This is bad medicine at its worst.

    The Anonymous crypto hackers have implemented the meme war strategies well, and the problem is that you are the enemy. People like Quinn who are telling the real truth are the enemies, not an exaggerated fantasy like the hackers created with the Qanon operation and its memes. It’s stated in the whitepaper that “memes are key emerging tools to win the ideological metaphysical fight.” Metaphysics to the hackers is their occult practice, and what they are creating with it is an AI they want to be a god and a society that is taken down to be recreated as they wish.

    Does it make sense now that Quinn says we should really wake up?

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  • Makes all the sense. Yes crypto occultist hackers are deploying military grade tech in memes. Let that sink in right?

  • the tech isn’t in just what you see. in the audio files and in the occular viruses remember they are embedding things you can’t see.

    0_1533310969417_embedded audio.png

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    @rahula That’s very true. It is hidden in both ocular and sound methods of delivery. The visuals are not usually evident when we see them, and the tones that are embedded in videos or audio recordings also create neuron codes that induce a state of being (like anxiety or agression). It’s high tech developed by neuroscientists that’s also used in medical treatments like stopping epileptic seizures, which is why medical research is where the evidence of the tech is found.

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    @lelu369 It makes you wonder how they got their hands on the techniques, doesn’t it?

  • Sure does. Mr Leakey might have the answer