Part 1 - The CryptoConspiracy Bitcoin Etherium Ripple Stellar #Tyler #TeamTyler

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    Part 1 - The CryptoConspiracy Bitcoin Etherium Ripple Stellar #Tyler #TeamTyler

    Mar 2, 2018


    Quinn asks why Peter Thiel, who builds the software that monitors everyone, is also highly invested in building the blockchain used by criminals to buy illegal weapons, drugs, and pornography on the Darknet while also having connections to the President, the Clintons, and the Bilderberg Group.


    In their Project Mayhem 2020 specs, the Anonymous hacker group stated that by withdrawing all assets from the current structure and putting all assets in Bitcoin, they would distribute power more evenly through society. The cryptoconspiracy intends disintegrate and recreate society by devaluing the currency. Thiel and Russian political activist Garry Kasperov had dinner on the New York City broadcast of “Into the Night”, during which they discuss how to recreate society. When considering how to dissolve society, Thiel concluded that it would be to crash the currency.

    Thiel’s attitude about currency and societal reform becomes more critical when considering how Quinn shows Peter Thiel invested in 30% of the top cryptocurrencies by this past March: Etherium, Ripple, and Stellar. In January of 2018, Bitcoin profits went up 14% after Peter Thiel’s investment. An example of the kind of network Thiel gravitates toward is Stellar, who makes Steller Lumens to move money across borders. Stellar was backed by Stripe, which was was founded by Jeb McCaleb, who also co-founded Ripple. Stellar board member Keith Rabois is a former executive of Thiel’s PayPal. And Stripe was also funded by Donald Trymp’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s Thrive Capital.

    Returning to Thiel’s presidential connections, Palantir has been shown to work around the system, as they did in the Facebook/Cambridge Analytical data scandal exposed after the election. Cambridge Analytical was hired by Jared Kushner during the 2016 presidential election for predictive analytics on what type of message to give the public for the desired messaging. Kushner then hired a warehouse of people with Brad Parscale in San Antonio, Texas to proliferate the social media campaign. Thiel was also considered for an intelligence advisory post in the White House.

    As a member of the Bilderberg steering committee, Thiel decides priorities for and organizes the course of operations of the the international group and rubs shoulders with those who are members of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Quinn stressed that The Bilderberg group has had meetings about crypto currency from the beginning. In all, Thiel appears as the hub in a wheel of Anonymous DarkNet hackers, cryptocurrency, data analysis and prediction, artificial intelligence, US presidential power, and global leadership associated with a secret society. And he is a man who has considered deconstructing society by the very means being carried out by the cryptoconspiracy by the Anonymous hackers on the DarkNet.

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