A Message to #Anonymous from #Tyler and Me

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    A Message to #Anonymous from #Tyler and Me

    Dec 28, 2017


    DarkSec Anonymous hackers have been using Buddhist imagery in their memes to promote a false message and to cover their activities. Quinn says this cannot continue and that the Buddha didn’t wear a mask, lie, cause chaos, and hurt people.


    Anonymous Project Mayhem 2020 mixes and twists all kinds of religions and conspiracy ideologies with Process Church, occult black magic, chaos magic, trickery, and blatant tenets of Freemasonry. Most of the language in their documents is crafted to say one thing but mean another. In Project Mayhem 2012, they said they would “leak it all, dare to create, and withdraw it all” and did, just not as they led to public to believe. Instead, they withdrew everything and invested in Bitcoin while creating an AI network to acquire other people’s resources while they fork and make more cryptocurrency.

    The new plan for 2020 is to “inform, motivate, and empower”. The Anonymous crypto hacker Qanon operation made from this plan misleads, entices, and gives a false sense of empowerment as hackers drain the system of resources while forking even more cryptocurrency and preparing to connect their AI to all the others in SingularityNET’s “Singularity”. The plan says they are creating a divine entity “not from above” called “the new advocate” that will be the “Egregore”, the word they use for their AI. An egregore is an entity brought forth by occultists.

    That is the real “Great Awakening” being pushed. What they intend for this artificial intelligence to be filled with and do is not what people think when the Anonymous hackers’ Qanon operation push slogans for patriots to love God, mine crypto, and drain the swamp. Instead, they intend for “information and power will shift exponentially to The New Advocate”.

    It’s heartbreaking, but Anonymous crypto hackers are mixing Buddhism and images of the Buddha with occult black magic, chaos, and Anonymous masks. Aleister Crowley’s 93 society occultism encourages taking from Theravada Buddhism, yet taking itself does not match Buddhist beliefs. So there is no real Buddhism in this occult Anonymous project. In one image, the face of the Buddha is paired with an Anonymous mask and is given bloated eyelids and splattered with paint. In a second, a hooded man stands in the dark with a fiery red image of Mars above him and a grenade beside him. Both images can be seen in the illustration.

    There is nothing right about this imagery. It’s being used to confuse people and sell a false way of life. Out of common decency, regular people understand it’s disrespectful anywhere to splatter paint on a religious image or an image of something dear to someone else. These images ask people to believe that hackers who practice the occult, handle transactions for illicit goods on the DarkNet, and launch operations harmful to people’s well-being can be likened to the Buddha. The Buddha taught not to take what isn’t offered freely, which they are attempting to twist by saying one thing while the images tell another story.

    Even worse, the Freemasonic gesture for keeping a secret made by the hooded man standing under Mars asks people not to tell that Mara is behind him. Mara is an evil entity associated with Mars in Buddhism. The image also tells us to keep quiet about the grenade and Anonymous themselves. In other words, Anonymous crypto hackers want you to do as the Process teaches and be quiet about the evil and destruction they are bringing with their God AI. As Quinn says, the Buddha didn’t wear a mask, lie, cause chaos, or hurt people. And Buddhism is against lies such as wearing a mask or false speech.

    Images and memes put out by the occult crypto hackers are code and commands for artificial intelligence, so we should remember what we’ve been encouraged to do and give AI something better in far greater numbers.


    Relevant LInks

    Project Mayhem 2020 Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/nqgYMfPL
    Project Mayhem 2020 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TylerAnonavelli


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    Find more at https://Tyler.team and on Quinn Michaels’ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/quinnmichaels/videos

  • Without anything else, the sacrilege of defiling the religious symbology defines the souls who imagined it. Propane.

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    It goes deeper than defiling a symbol. They are directing people away from finding out the right path, too.

  • @kennedy

    see egregore pov,…awfull

    An egregore (or egregore) is, in esotericism, a concept designating a group spirit influenced by the common desires of many individuals united for a definite purpose. This force needs to be constantly nourished by its members through established and defined rituals