Research 93 Society - CIA Palantir Peter Thiel D-Wave Quantum Computer

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    Research 93 Society - CIA Palantir Peter Thiel D-Wave Quantum Computer

    Aug 7, 2017


    Quinn breaks down the financing of Palantir: where the funding came from, where else funders have invested, and how extensively that money trail touches our everyday lives. For instance, the CIA’s investment arm and Peter Thiel’s capital venture firms have bankrolled companies that seen as a whole make a total package for AI tracking in our lives.


    Peter Thiel is the center of a slew of capital ventures that interweave the CIA with the PayPal mafia and some of what looks like a members only club. Thiel funded Palantir through two of his own capital venture firms, as did the CIA through its capital venture fund In-Q-Tel. This is only what we can see from the funds overall, since the names of others who invest in a company through private venture funds like Thiel’s Mithril Capital Management and Founders Fund are hidden.

    Consider how investments by Peter Thiel establish relationships with people and companies developing what can be seen as components as an artificial intelligence environment that can track and collect data on humans. For instance, Thiel’s Founders Fund backed Lyft, an AI coordinated rideshare company that is now partnering with for self-driving vehicles; Airbnb, who uses artificial intelligence to systemize travel and transform design images to source code; and Facebook, who uses the former Lifelog system and AI to profile humans. Among many other investments, Thiel’s Founders Fund also bankrolled PayPal co-founder Elon Musk’s SpaceX. From just these few (of many) investments, Thiel builds the travel, housing accommodation, and land or space travel components for AI to track humans.

    Recall that anyone, including the CIA venture capital fund can invest through a private venture capital fund as well. We can’t see the full picture of who is investing in these globe-sized AI-driven components of an artificial intelligence environment. In addition, we can ask what else comes with the relationships established between Thiel and those companies? We can see how Palantir itself is part of a collection of investments by In-Q-Tel that points toward their interest in using AI for monitoring and tracking.

    What is In-Q-Tel building with its investments? The CIA’s investment arm backed D-Wave Systems quantum computing; MongoDB, an object-oriented database ideal for artificial intelligence; and in Keyhole, which became Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Mobile, and Google Markup Language. Other investments are the Mindmeld platform for AI conversational interfacing, Nerve Technologies video and image analytics, and Recorded Future real-time threat intelligence from open and dark web sources.  CIA and NSA grants for surveillance studies partly funded Google, as well. From only these few investments, In-Q-Tel constructs new computer parameters, total visual surveillance, auditory interaction and surveillance, and total Internet surveillance for the artificial intelligence environment.

    Were Thiel to be working with the CIA to coordinate a complete environment for AI to track, interact with, and store data on humans – together they have covered most of the life basics with only the investments mentioned. Should you look at In-Q-Tel and Thiel’s combined investments, you’ll find they have constructed what is quickly becoming an AI-driven environment in which humans become the source of data. Palantir, in fact, was reportedly created in combined efforts with intelligence agencies and does provide services to government agencies, so Thiel’s company directly worked in planning phases with US and foreign intelligence agencies.

    Documents that The Intercept acquired from the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) study of US surveillance tools revealed that Palantir was created in a coordinated effort by several intelligence agencies over three years to coordinate SIGINT (signals intelligence) analysis between agencies that include Five Eyes and the NSA. What is a solid reason for coordinated efforts to have ended when the product was completed?

    Looking at the entire picture brings to view a very large effort in which the CIA and Thiel have constructed two parts of what could become one system, if it isn’t already. Consider Thiel’s well-known strong connections to Stanford, Stanford’s connection to Aaron Swartz, Aaron Swartz’ connection to the MIT Media lab and Telecomix, and Telecomix’ connection to the crypto hackers, and the overall connections to crime and the occult, and you may understand better why Quinn’s been trying to hurry people to spread the word.

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