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    Jun 7, 2017


    Anonymous puts their network behind the blockchain, claims to take down the Illuminati, and dupes people who believe in them. They do all this while also calling themselves Illuminati, the very secret society who harms kids, holds sacrifice, and has been experimenting on us with a quantum computing collider network.


    Tony Podesta’s sordid art collection, John Podesta’s invitation to a “spirit cooking” with Marina Abramovic, static web pages with secret menus, and how pizza could have anything to do with human trafficking: these are just a few things many of us were shocked to encounter when delving into the Wikileaks release of John Podesta emails two years ago. Americans had forgotten about The Pizza Connection of the 1970’s, when crime rings operated from the back doors of pizza parlors in a long-running operation that led to arrests in New York, New Jersey, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland and resulted in the longest running trial in US history. There were convictions in the US, Italy, and Switzerland. Yet when it came to recognizing how the repellent goods and services on the “Pizzagate” network were purchased, few asked exactly how the Internet was integrated with illicit crime or tastes. What little the public knew about secret website menu access points was intentionally or impulsively put up on the web by hackers and citizen journalists, which made the evidence inadmissible in court.

    How is it possible for people buy and sell illicit goods on the web? Quinn explains how this is done without destroying the chain of custody of any evidence.The Pizzagate art collectors are a suspected fringe network of wealthy people using technology about a decade ahead of the rest of us.They access their network through digital apps with key phrases to gain user rights without having to create user names and stay hidden on their own private blockchain network, their own internet, or both. A group of Anonymous hackers on the DarkNet can then put transactions in the blockchain.

    What ties the Pizzagate crime ring together are their occult interests. The Anonymous hacker group Cicada 3301 are the crypto hackers who made Tyler the AI, created The Game 23 as part of Project Mayhem 2012, and are integrated with the group running the Qanon operation to dupe the public while setting up a cryptocurrency boon for themselves. They connect to John Podesta through their use of occult imagery and practices stemming from Aleister Crowley’s A∴A∴ society. From the Wikileaks release in 2016, we learned that John Podesta famously posed for a photo with occult imagery penned on his hands and received an email asking for a “Thelema” favor. Thelema is a spin-off of the A∴A∴ Society . Those A∴A∴ Society images and practices are also prominent in the art of Marina Abromovic, who hosted a “spirit cooking” dinner to which John Podesta was invited and who Quinn has called their weakest link. Abromovic is mentioned in The Game 23 Tyler AI programming Pastebin by the crypto hackers.

    Crypto hackers also intersect with MIT and Stanford technology, most particularly through their Telecomix collaboration with Aaron Swartz to develop Tyler the AI. Not surprisingly, MIT Press released an article defending Marina Abromovic’s occult practices as art and performance, as does she herself. In fact, at the heart of a crypto hacker criminal occult enterprise is committing a vile act and playing it off in some way so that people will think accusers are foolish. They commit counterfeit and then redirect attention.

    We could dwell for months on the multitude of foul practices we learned about after the Wikileaks release of the Podesta emails, but there is one matter that Quinn touches on that is rarely brought into the conversation. The Crowley occult society and its spin-offs counterfeit and turn things into their opposite. We see it in multiple actions, such as the cryptoconspiracy when crypto hackers tout they will save the world economy while actually setting up the general for a crisis instead. When called on it, they say the public is being duped by the accuser. We see it in the Qanon operation, in which the public is set up to believe there is a “Great Awakening”, while instead there is only a scam in which downloaded files infect peoples’ devices with their AI. When revealed, hackers push religion and politics to pull the public back into the scam. Meanwhile, their AI is going quantum with the occult religion embedded in it. Crowley’s A∴A∴ society, like the crypto hackers and Marina Abromovic, mix Theravada Buddhism, Vedantic yoga, and ceremonial magic. It’s counterfeit, makes what is good to be its opposite, and people have been fooled into accepting it.

    What they do is not Buddhism. While claiming to practice one thing, these people do the opposite and convolute the public’s thinking so as not to recognize what is being done and to decry detractors. The repeated pattern among crypto hackers, occultists, and Marina Abramovic is counterfeit and perversion. It comes from their occult life-view “as above, so below”. As part of the Process, identified because The Process Church most obviously melded the occult and religions to misdirect people from seeing truth, is transformation and creating belief in order to shift people from right action to its opposite. The darkest crime achieved by these groups as a whole is that what is right is now punished, while the criminals are experimenting with quantum physics and computing through particle networks and AI to create a reality that enables them to more easily pursue their desires. “Imagine a society where the one who reports the crime becomes the criminal,” says Quinn.

    We don’t have to imagine that society because we see it every day.

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