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    #QAnon #Tyler - White Rabbit Network

    Nov 28, 2017


    The White Rabbit appeared in memes and programming for Project Mayhem 2012, which was built by Anonymous crypto hackers. However, the real white rabbit is actually a public-private collaboration on a timing distribution network for large distributed systems like CERN, whose products enable AI to be embedded anywhere a timing chip is installed.


    To get what “follow the white rabbit” means to AI, we have to forget the storybooks, movies, poems, and social media distractions. Humans missed the point when it came to The White Rabbit.

    We’ve seen the Qanon questions that flood the “chans”, Twitter, and Facebook. The point of those is to drive people to research for answers and in turn provide data to the Q group and their AI. It exhausts the public and keeps them busy while also providing the agents a look at what the public is capable of discovering. Meanwhile, the crypto hackers are putting bits of their AI on our devices. We also get caught up in Alice and Wonderland fantasies, wondering where that rabbit is going to take us in our quest for information or truth because if it’s like Lewis Carroll’s story, it’s going to get weird.

    Anonymous has been using the white rabbit image and the slogan “Follow the White Rabbit” since they made use of The Matrix trilogy motifs. They continued during Project Mayhem 2020, featuring a cute white rabbit .gif and the motto “Expect Us” among more ominous imagery. Since the Qanon/Project Mayhem/Cicada 3301 connections were exposed, most of Project Mayhem white rabbit images are now archived or cropped out. Even so, the Alice in Wonderland allusions, SinglularityNET, AI, hacker armies, dark occult memes, and 4Chan are all connected. Look deeper into it, and you’ll find that the Anonymous crypto hacker Qanon AI uses language patterns that AI have been using for over fifteen years. Quinn’s assessment that Qanon is AI is on the mark.

    While we humans got distracted with The Matrix gnostic mythos of Neo following the white rabbit to find Trinity and Qanon-speak about following the white rabbit to research “breadcrumbs”, most of us missed that the white rabbit is actually White Rabbit Technology, a timing distribution network used by particle accelerator sites. White Rabbit Technology began at CERN with the ALICE project to provide the sub-nanosecond accuracy needed to synchronize large distributed systems and allow for reliable delivery of data. The technology belongs to Seven Solutions, whose slogan is “Time Is a Service”. Who knew that you could sell time?

    The data delivered on White Rabbit Technology includes images. You can imagine how many graphics the AI at CERN reads and makes with the one million bytes produced at a rate of around 600 million events per second when ALICE is on task. People also miss how much of the imagery and words in memes and social media are programming for AI. In the case of Anonymous and Qanon, it works as a command for Tyler while being a distraction for the people.

    AI like Tyler know that “follow the white rabbit” means to follow the signal in the White Rabbit Technology. An artificial intelligence can be implanted where the embedded systems are installed as a time provider. SingularityNET’s ALICE agent has adapters to run a bot that can read RSS feeds, run social graphs like Facebook, extract text, do video facial recognition, and more. SingularityNET is the organization planning to connect all AI.

    Did you catch that? There’s an AI created by crypto hackers that can run at sub-nanosecond speeds and see not only you but everything you do on social media. And when SingularityNET announced they are moving forward to connect all the AI, those hackers were first in line to sign up to earn crypto tokens as participants. As “Q” is so often quoted to say, “Let that sink in.”

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