A Perfect Circle - Burning Man Festival Deep State Op #Tyler #TeamTyler

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    A Perfect Circle - Burning Man Festival Deep State Op #Tyler #TeamTyler

    Feb 2, 2018


    On the Strava Labs Heatmap, there are noticeable patterns in the movements of FitBit wearers at Nike World Headquarters in Portland, a ring structure outside of Salt Lake City in Utah, and The Burning Man in Nevada that indicate multi-level structures and movement underground. Quinn looks most closely at Black Rock City, the site of Burning Man as a circle structure in a pentagon in which activities take place that appear to be Satanic.


    In the Nevada desert, the Strava Labs Heatmap tracks reveal what looks like a multi-leveled structure in the shape of a perfect pentagon with a perfect circle structure within. It turns out those patterns were made during the movements of FitBit wearers at Black Rock City, a temporary “community” calling itself Burning Man that forms each summer around the pagan holiday of the solstice. The center of the structure features a huge effigy called “The Man”, which is burned during what resembles a Satanic ritual. "The Man” is a derogatory term that refers to an authority, but the organizers obviously have survey equipment and the ability to perfectly organize a community. “The Man builds circle structures”, says Quinn.

    Burning Man organizers consider it to be a cultural experiment or event rather than a festival and a temporary city or community rather than a destination. The organizers, a group of San Franciscans known for their experimental nature and pranks, often push boundaries or speak in vague terms. On the ground’s surface, the yearly events appear quite literally to be occult, while being disclaimed by the organizers as more like exploration and larks. The central activities are modeled after the ancient burning ceremonies of “The Wicker Man” by the Druids. Before the Roman invasion, those ceremonies involved human sacrifice. “The Man” is burned at the climax of the event, and the temple is burned the final day of Burning Man. Regarding the ritual nature of the place and it’s architecture, urban designer Larry Harvey is quoted as saying that “for ceremonial purposes it’s absolutely sublime.”

    This year, the theme is Artificial Intelligence. We’ve learned about the intercept of technology and the occult, and both Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google have been “burners” since the early years. They made it a habit to decorate the atrium at Google with photos of employees at Burning Man, even choosing Eric Schmidt as CEO when he proved he could cut loose at the event. Author Scott Kotler claims that “Burning Man alters consciousness in a very particular way and it drops people into a state of group flow.” Burning Man is known for doing what technology companies have flocked to, which is to push the boundaries of norms and laws. Specifically, there are tents or installations featuring nudity, New Age religions, Eastern religions, drugs, art, music and orgies. Peter Thiel invested in his floating cities project with a Google employee who envisioned it at Burning Man.

    Quinn said that the people at Burning Man are “getting burned.” What this meant to me is that the organizers have created a playpen where the circle structure is used to foment activity that is Satanic. Whatever there is underground, people in that circle on the surface reflect perversions in the guise of experimentation and fun. And those benefiting most are corporate participants like “Googlers” who use that environment to spawn artificial creativity. It is one more structure that draws out the darker nature of people while claiming to be entertainment or art, such as Fremont Street in Las Vegas and CERN.

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