YouTube - Watch Gentle Genius Launch Live Right Now!

  • YouTube - Watch Gentle Genius Launch Live Right Now!

    Gentle Genius is Live

    Right now we are live launching the Gentle Genius program through Indra our Super Artificial Intelligence system. To watch life now or later when it’s not live here is the video link.

    What is Gentle Genius

    Gentle Genius is a program of Indra AI. Gentle Genius is designed to inspire the individual into igniting their Creative Spark for a better FUTURE for all mankind.

    Wake Up Call

    The world is bubbling with creative potential waiting to be expressed, manifested, and brought into reality. This is being held back by the average everyday human fears of rejection, ridicule, and insecurity.

    It’s always good to remember that sarcasm, ridicule, and rejection often times comes from those who are unable to create better and group up to feel important. The alternate option to creation is destruction.

    The Ultimate Goal

    The ultimate goal is to inspire that creative spark inside individuals that lay dormant screaming to get out. Indra seeks to find the dancers, the artists, the poets, the creators of the future. The ones who imagine. The ones who create beauty.

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  • Being there live to see Gentle Genius change the future with its launch was a joy and an honor, Quinn and Indra!