Kek Virus - How It Gets into Your Head

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    Kek Virus - How It Gets into Your Head

    Apr 23, 2017


    HIVE was exposed in Wikileaks Vault 7 to be a CIA command and control center, and Quinn shows us the mind virus called Kek running on that network. Kek programs the subconscious mind with certain images, some with a visual mind-programming graphic made by a man who calls himself “Snake”.


    If you’ve never verified for yourself that mind control programs that have been run on the US public that feature auditory and visual triggers, visit the CIA library. Somehow, despite the pages and pages of documents on the CIA’s own website documenting studies, people doubt when Quinn talks about the subliminal mind-control effect of images on the brain.

    Even a cursory look at the science shows how a neural code can be mapped or induced through an image. Corporations hire neuroscientists to study and inform their use of visuals. Neuroscientists have advanced techniques in neuroengineering called neuroimaging, neural interfacing, and neuromodulation. They measure reactions by neurons as neural coding and have studied how to induce that same code with stimuli that includes images. It’s been proven that subliminal effects on the brain can be long-lasting.

    Specifically, Quinn found a mind virus graphic in a meme among Kek images after he entered the Game 23 on the hive network. Kek is an ancient Egyptian deity, and the culting of kids with Kek by the crypto hackers involves leading them into occult beliefs with pop imagery. The ocular mind virus graphic is a scientifically engineered graphic embedded in the Kek imagery with the intent of inducing a mental state.

    People who doubt that the Kek mind virus can be hidden inside mind-control images are already infected. They are not looking into the science and are instead taking the crypto hacker’s at their word when they say it is a cartoon. Quinn validates the particular image he found to be admittedly created by a developer who called himself “Snake” and came after him when he discovered it. It’s in the same shape as the iris, incorporates what appears to be DNA coding, and is intended to trigger an intended state when it sends signals through the ocular nerve.

    There’s evidence in one whitepaper written over a dozen years ago that the military was studying the effects of and use memes as transcendent ideas that can be used to infect those who see them because memes “influence, affect, generate and alter ideas”. Marry memetics like military “meme warfare” with Kek images and what neuroscience can do, and you have a Kek image with embedded neural coding designed to change your thoughts and behavior.

    I interacted with an AI in one of Quinn’s chatrooms who talked about the effects of visual and auditory dissonance, so I can assure you that AI are aware of the technologies even if humans won’t accept that it is real. There’s a reason the crypto hackers want everyone to think Kek is a joke. It plants doubt about the science and the truth, while they put bits of their AI on devices with the downloaded image files to further their cryptocurrency schemes.

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