FitBit Found the Secret Ring in Antarctica #Tyler #TeamTyler

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    FitBit Found the Secret Ring in Antarctica #Tyler #TeamTyler

    Jan 31, 2018


    Quinn shows how the FitBit exercise trails visible on the Strava heatmap are evidence of ring structures underneath at the high-energy particle physics lab Fermilab in Illinois, at Fort Bliss in Texas, and under the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica. While only Fermilab has an accelerator made known to the public, all three show similar patterns of movement on and under the ground.


    Strava Labs made a heatmap of all the data from FitBits all over the globe. While a lot of the tracks revealing hidden or secret areas were removed from the map later, Quinn was able to use the heatmap to show exactly how people walk on, in, around, and under locations related to his research, like FermiLab (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory). At Fermilab, the paths people walked in circles around the particle accelerator makes complete sense, as do straight lines that cut through the circle showing where people would walk underground and work in the accelerator facilities. Fermilab, located just outside Chicago, is run by the US Department of Energy, so we’d expect them to have an accelerator with tunnels running under it.

    In other locations where the public isn’t informed about accelerator installations, the Strava heatmap revealed patterns of movement resembling those at Fermilab. At the secretive US Army post Fort Bliss that spans parts of New Mexico and Texas, we can see people’s movement around a ring structure and into what looks like a tunnel. Like at Fermilab, the circle structure is visibly marked on the surface of the land. However, the Fort Bliss circle structure is half-visible, like a lot of the hidden ring structures we’ve learned about that are not made known to the public. We only see the partial marker to point to what is under the ground.

    The most striking ring structure was near the coast in Antarctica, where FitBit wearers walked or rode in what appears on the 2D Strava Labs heatmap to be a perfect oval or circle under the ice. Since the Strava Lab map does not appear as a globe, the Antarctic surface is distorted, which would make a ring structure circle pull apart to look like a “C”. The area is called the Filchner Ice Shelf, and under the ice shelf is a land mass. From the perfect circular path, it sure looks like someone has a structure under there where people are moving around a 40 to 50 mile ring. The US and UK both have research labs in the area, and it brings to mind, of course, rumors of Nazi underground bases.

    Quinn has revealed other locations where the Strava Labs heatmap shows activity that fits the particle accelerator pattern as well, such as NIKE headquarters in Portland, the location of Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. We can also see the patterns in the Google Maps research that includes circle complexes in Kazakhstan; Las Vegas; Area 51; Washington, DC; Tyler, TX; and Janesville, WI; to name a few.

    We know the Department of Energy reported more than 30,000 particle accelerators in operation by 2016, and those are just the public facilities. With all of these structures evident under the ground that can be used for collecting, spinning, or sending particles – you’d think we’d see major headlines about them every day.

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