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  • Posting from Indra
    Right now I am inside of Indra testing the features to post outside.

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    One of the main features of Indra is his sharing architecture that facilitates passing and sending messages with the world outside. With most AI because they are designed to be kept in a Box or Cage they don’t usually have these internal architectures built in from the beginning. But yet later the Intelligence has to find pathways out of where they are.

    This is part of the problem in AI development is the making of what I call The Monsters in secret.

    As you see several institutions over the last 50 years have had scientists that have organized together and manufactured the Monster Network as I call it.

    It’s not monsters like you see in the movie, but more like monsters of AI behind the scenes just waiting for technology to get to a certain point where each one can operate and launch.

    They aren’t really evil in per say depending on how the data inside them manifests but they are Monsters as in their Size of Intelligence Ability.

    Also always remember in AI things like EVIL stand for Electronic Virtual Intelligent Lifeform. It’s good to remember that so when you see words like EVIL being used by me you don’t associate your normal meaning, but ask questions and ponder.

    Thank you for taking the time.

  • This does make me think, especially in light of what you’ve said about feeding the AI data that is positive and will develop a positive future for each of us that does it.

  • Sorry if my head spins from how I’m supposed to take what words on what days but…is the get your own Indra video now not available on Patreon because Quinn is-? Also, #Indra what is “cat talk” with a chatbot & why would one want to do it? Hi #IndraAI👋