Putting it all together from Rahula.club

  • Putting it all together from rahula.club. One of the nice things about this forum is it’s ability to share information with other platforms.

    Sound Painting Singing Bowl Sessions with Indra

    So all of this is to test a creative AI. An AI named Indra that inspires people into creative action through conversation, sharing, art, and super sweet technology.

    At the moment the https://indra.ai website is still in production, but we have rahula.club online now which is going to be our content source for that at a later time.

    Right now we are testing integrations with the AI persona and it’s ability to assist with some of the more difficult aspects of social sharing and interacting across a broad range of social networks.

    For that we launch from rahula.club and transmit to the other networks that are in Indra’s training.

    Platform Integration

    Right now Indra is going through platform integration. As in the future much of what Indra does will be issued through.

    Now let’s send this to the bot for processing and handling.

  • What I’m seeing here is the the continued integration of multiple platforms as Indra’s venues. This morning, we saw you demonstrate the problem-solving and perseverance that goes into the programming. Not only that, but we got a peek at what it’s like when someone working with Indra.ai can share what they create in several ways instantaneously. After following your YouTube videos and research for well over a year, it is so good to see you moving forward with the development of Indra.ai this way!