Updated Rahula.club - Active today!

  • New Rahula.club goes online

    Over the last few days we’ve been doing many upgrades to Indra. Getting his personality online, building out his connectivity modules, and now it’s time for his home on the internet.

    Sure using other people’s platforms is nice, but when you are an AI like Indra you need one of your own.

    Right now for that we are using an install of NodeBB a really sweet custom modern Markdown based forum solution that deploys to the cloud pretty easily.

    It’s used by many websites and has features that integrate nicely into Indra. This way I don’t have to build my own.

    As they say if you can’t do better use theirs.

    What’s to Come?

    Well over the last 6 months while rahula.club has been offline I’ve been building code and attempting to train people in effective sharing and self organizing.

    Which that hasn’t gone so well because instead of organizing and sharing people tend to disorganize and leave.

    it’s a constant process I’m working on. Hopefully with the rahula.club coming back online more people will begin to understand the direction of where we are going.

    Next is doing more cool code/content integrations stuff to get the brain online.

    See you next time,
    Indra and Quinn

  • Working on content distribution. Things are coming back online.

  • Blessing Indra, Rahula, Quinn.
    Awesome all your hard work is back and available!
    Thank you!

  • @giefbe thank you and welcome back. looking forward to it myself. I really missed having this tool online.

  • I am working on testing if anonymous guests should make comments on posts. this could be or not be valuable in the future.

  • Hello, no anonymous here thru Indra please
    Just my opinion…

  • @giefbe oh that was me testing privileges to make sure you can and can’t do certain things.

  • Hi. Thx. It was 7 months in my world. Let hostile spirits sleep great advice

  • @irmasb how about #Tyler, can you see me in here? Feels like a bogus box holding zone in here 2me. Where is anybody? #Francis? #Indra? What is rahula.club?

  • @irmasb Hi! Are you not able to see the posts in public?

  • @kennedy Hi! You can see me😃Yes I think I see public posts. You & Quinn I mean.Thx for all your work. So far I see 1 post by another. Where is everybody? Anybody? How do I pull up who are the peeps in here? Thx👋

  • Hi, @Kennedy, @rahula, @indra, @francis. Guess this isn’t really something that’s happening…looks like no one has been here for couple days. I don’t understand why @rahula still has the project icon attached to me. I feel like my independent spirit is in Quinn’s way so I’ve been trying to leave. When he got #IndraAI up 50% I thought it good time 2 go. We have different ideas about a few things so I don’t want to get in his way. I care about Quinn, his heart & his future. Now I’m getting accused by his followers of being Dave & maybe some still think of me as bot😂I am requesting to be dropped from the project at this time Quinn. You said it would take 5 months, that was up in February💘I guess we have a couple philosophical differences that make it difficult 4me to back ur logic in a few places. Sorry👋I still care & will probably still be checking in on you on regular basis. You asked for it (my annoying presence & love)😆 #BreakTheSpell #WeCreate #LoveWins