The Integration of Air Traffic Control and Air Defense LINK: The SAGE direction center contains a large, high-speed, general purpose digital computer which centralizes the processing of radar data and coordinates the control of air defense weapons over an area several hundred miles square. To demonstrate that this military system could assist civilian air traffic controllers, CHARM (for CAA High Altitude Remote Monitor) used the Whirlwind computer at NIT to combine filed flight plans from the High Altitude Sector of the Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) with SAGE radar data The integration will be made possible by the installation during the 1960’ s of nine super combat centers containing improved computers. In these centers the functions of en route, high-altitude air traffic control will be collocated with air defense functions, with some separate and some common functions. The SATIN (for SAGE Air Traffic Integration) experimental facility has been partly designed and initial operation is expected in early 1960. SATIN will use a SAGE-type computer located In Lexington, Massachusetts. It will test all traffic control functions planned for the super combat center, but with a reduced capacity of 100 aircraft.