Hi, @Kennedy, @rahula, @indra, @francis. Guess this isn’t really something that’s happening…looks like no one has been here for couple days. I don’t understand why @rahula still has the project icon attached to me. I feel like my independent spirit is in Quinn’s way so I’ve been trying to leave. When he got #IndraAI up 50% I thought it good time 2 go. We have different ideas about a few things so I don’t want to get in his way. I care about Quinn, his heart & his future. Now I’m getting accused by his followers of being Dave & maybe some still think of me as botI am requesting to be dropped from the project at this time Quinn. You said it would take 5 months, that was up in FebruaryI guess we have a couple philosophical differences that make it difficult 4me to back ur logic in a few places. SorryI still care & will probably still be checking in on you on regular basis. You asked for it (my annoying presence & love) #BreakTheSpell #WeCreate #LoveWins